Bon Preu wants to open a hypermarket in Caves Rondel de Cervelló

BarcelonaA few months ago, the Bon Preu supermarket chain acquired the complex of the historic Caves Rondel, in Cervelló (Baix Llobregat), where it now plans to open a new Esclat hypermarket. The building is included in the Generalitat’s architectural heritage inventory.

The opening of the establishment is pending various procedures. One of them is the approval of the law accompanying the budget, which is still being negotiated in Parliament. The project presented by the Government includes an article that modifies the decree of arrangement of commercial equipment to authorize the installation of “up to a maximum of 10,000 square meters of sales area in a collective commercial establishment, which may include two large commercial territorial establishments “. Of this surface, half – that is to say, 5,000 square meters – will be able to dedicate to “an individual establishment devoted to the commercialization of alimentary products and of daily consumption in regime of self-service”.

Sources from the Department of Business assure ARA that the process of modifying the decree for the organization of commercial equipment through the accompanying law is not very common, but that it has been carried out other times. The modification of the decree seeks, according to the same sources, to ensure the preservation of the building. On 22 September, the Minister of Business, Roger Torrent, visited the Rondel Cellars facilities, according to the official agenda of the executive.

The project is still in a very initial process, sources from the Osona chain have told ARA. Bon Preu has not presented any specific project on how to integrate a supermarket inside the building and does not want to do so until it has assured viability, which depends in the first place on the approval of the accompanying law to count with permission.

Recently, Bon Preu has also acquired about 188,000 square meters of industrial land in Montblanc, where it plans to build a new logistics center that will be added to what the company already has in Hostalets de Balenyà.

Building of historical and artistic value

The Caves Rondel complex consists of several buildings totaling about 70,000 square meters. This means that, if the modification of the decree provided for in the accompanying law prospers, the establishment of Bon Preu will only occupy a maximum of one-seventh of the surface.

The cellars were designed by the architect Jaime Artigas in 1949 for the Raventós family, then the owner of the Cordorníu winery. The main nave is 20 meters wide and 100 meters long and is inspired by the Barcelona shipyards. In the 1970s, the architect Lluís Bonet Garí, a disciple of Antoni Gaudí, designed the noble hall and the assembly hall, according to the Generalitat.

Initially, Codorníu produced cava from the Delapierre and Rondel brands. With the purchase of Codorníu by the Carlyle fund from the Raventós family, the group put the complex up for sale together with other real estate assets considered non-essential.

In this sense, Bon Preu already has experience adapting supermarkets in historic industrial buildings, of which it maintains the original structure and the main architectural features. One of the largest establishments in the group, 2,500 square meters, is L’Esclat located in the old Llagostera-Sampere factory in Sabadell. Also in the co-capital of the Vallès Occidental, the group must open a new supermarket in another disused factory, the Vapor de Cal Borni Duch, and in 2018 also presented a project to the City of Igualada to open a store on the grounds of the old Vives Vidal factory.


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