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Bone conduction earphone “AEROPEX” review, too good to remove w | Amazon Black Friday target –Engadget Japanese version

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AfterShokz Aeropex(Amazon)
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From now on, I will repost the review by writer Lido Hanamori.

Are you listening to music while walking? (I don’t listen much)

I often listen to music during muscle training in the gym, but when it comes to aerobic exercise such as walking and running, I often take off my earphones.

The reason is that in the case of an indoor treadmill, “footsteps echo in my head” and “hot”. When I run and run and my heart rate rises to nearly 150, I feel like “Ats!” And tear it off my ears. I really want to listen to it.

More cases have been removed for outdoor workouts. This is simply “dangerous”. There are many car streets in my current living area, and especially bicycles run around. Also, when walking on the road at night, I always remove it for security reasons. I don’t like the fact that I’m wearing earphones.

In that regard, the bone conduction earphones for AfterShokz workoutsAeropexDoes not block your ears and may make aerobic exercise more enjoyable. So I borrowed it from the manufacturer.

It was light and fluffy, and it was very refreshing when I ran outside. The bark of sparrows, the sound of the wind, and your favorite music mix and flow into your ears. Suitable for long-distance walking. fun!

It’s so light that I forget when to remove it

The appearance looks like this.

The two small silver dots in the foreground are the charging jacks. Use a dedicated cable when charging.By the way, this is the same format as the Aftershokz headset “OpenComm”

So, when I put it on, I don’t care about the feeling of oppression and the weight. The body weighs 26g. By the way, the company’s bone conduction headset “Opencomm” weighs 33g, and although I thought it was “light”, it was 26g.AeropexIs light enough to worry. fluffy. The difference of 7g makes your body sense it properly.

Aeropex“I don’t feel oppressive or heavy, so I don’t have the chance to think” I’m tired so I’ll remove it “while walking. However, it is amazing that it does not shift even if you shake your head.

No problem with the mask.Doesn’t get in the way of piercings

And since it’s so natural to hear the outside sounds properly, it doesn’t mean “I can’t hear you, so let’s remove it.” This is because if the surrounding sounds become louder, they will be heard with priority. for example”AeropexAs soon as I entered the supermarket while listening to music, “AeropexI can’t hear the music from “, and I can hear the announcements in the store and the promotional songs in the fish department very well. I’m also happy to be able to talk naturally, such as “Please give me a size M bag” at the time of payment. During this time, “Aeropex“I keep playing music, but my ears don’t detect it.

When you get on the subway or want to block outside sounds,AeropexUse the earplugs that come with the product to cleanly close your ears.

So, once you put it on, you can’t “take it off” unless something goes wrong. It just doesn’t get in the way.

I don’t mind sound leakage

The sound was also my favorite. The mid-low range sounds beautifully, and the sound quality is round and gentle. Personally, listening to the acoustic was the most comfortable. And even if I listened to it at a natural volume in a quiet room, I couldn’t find any sound leakage (however, when I turned up the volume to a high level, it was obvious that the sound leaked).

Also, for news and English conversation,AeropexIt was also fun to listen to it. I was afraid to cover my ears outside with ordinary earphones because I tried to listen more intensively than music.

AfterShokz Aeropex(Amazon)

Titanium wire comes to the back of the neck, so it is not suitable for bench press

Unfortunately, for the older brothers who train themselves only with muscle training, “AeropexIs not recommended. There is a wire on the back of the neck, so the earphones will slip when you lie on your back on the bench press. Not limited to the bench press, I removed it because I was worried about the wire in the neck when I pressed my body firmly against the backrest.

However, it is comfortable when rowing or running an indoor bike! As mentioned above, it is very comfortable to wear, your ears do not get stuffy, and it is really easy. Since it is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, “AeropexIt is safe even if the main body gets sweaty.

It wasn’t suitable for muscle training, but I took him to the gym. Not only the main body but also the special case was light and small, and it was fun to store it later.

It’s a bag with a little bag. At first, I was worried that “the earphones really fit in here !?” Can you imagine an earphone of that shape coming out of this case? It was fun to take it out!
It fits comfortably.The lid stays in place with a magnet

It’s a great experience to run around the city listening to your favorite music while listening to the sound of the wind. please”AeropexI want you to carry around and enjoy music and running.

I already bought a part of my body, the bone conduction earphone AfterShokz Aeropex, and the answer is great | Best Buy 2021

AfterShokz Aeropex(Amazon)

[Bonus]By the way, what is the difference from the same AfterShokz “OPEN COMM”?

At the same time, I also borrowed the bone conduction headset “OpenComm” from AfterShokz. I thought it wasn’t necessary to compare them because they have different uses, but I was curious, so I tried listening to Takashi Hosokawa’s masterpiece “Kita Sakaba” and comparing them. The bass sound was often heard in “Aeropex“. And Takashi Hosokawa’s voice (especially the treble) was more noticeable in “OpenComm” (although another person felt that “both are together”).

Web conferencing is super comfortable with the wireless bone conduction headset “OpenComm”

Amazon Black Friday


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