Boni, former guitarist of Barricada, dies

Javier Hernandez ‘Boni’ has passed away this Friday in Pamplona, ​​three days after turning 58. The rock world mourns the loss of one of its main references. The Navarrese musician was one of the founders of the long-awaited band Barricade, who said goodbye to the stage eight years ago. The ex-guitarist and voice of the Navarrese group, who had started a solo career, suffered from cancer of the larynx for which lost his voice in 2018.

Good He was part of Barricada from the band’s inception in 1982 until its dissolution in 2013. In fact, he was the only member who was part of the group from the first concert, in the Rastro square in the La Txantrea neighborhood. Exactly 25 years later, on April 18, 2007, at noon, they performed there again, without even a stage, to celebrate their half-century of experience. The final goodbye of the band came in 2013.

He then began a solo career, just as El Drogas had done a couple of years before. He published two albums, ‘Incandescente’ and ‘Requiem por el mundo’. But his career was cut short in 2018, when laryngeal cancer was detected. He canceled his tour and had to undergo surgery. The delicate operation went “well, within what is possible”, as reported then by his communication agency. «The good good news is that Boni has saved his life, the bad news is that he has lost his voice. His voice. Our voice. Your voice», They lamented.

Barricada’s goodbye

Although Boni continued to achieve solo success, he lived his golden age with Barricada. Their forceful and vindictive lyrics led them to have to fight against censorship on several occasions. But it was never an insurmountable obstacle. His career was most prolific. More than 1,000 concerts, 26 albums, a million copies sold … and dozens of ‘hymns’ behind his back. Who has not shattered his throat at some time singing ‘Black and White’ or ‘No truce’?

The band said goodbye in 2013 at home, with a macro-concert at the Anaitasuna Pavilion in Pamplona. He did it “in a good mood”, for personal reasons that apparently had nothing to do with cracks in their relationship. That is why, for years, his followers dreamed of a possible reunion.

Then Enrique Villarreal ‘The Drugs’ he had already left the band. It was in 2011, after a sabbatical year. At that time the relationship between the singer and bass player and the rest of the group left much to be desired. There was a lot of tension and cross statements in which some blamed others for what happened. However, three years ago Boni published a current photo with ‘El Drogas’ on their social networks as a sign that they had buried the hatchet. They met again backstage at a Rosendo concert and they regained their friendship. “It is worth going through tortuous paths to arrive and experience such enormous moments,” he wrote next to the celebrated image. This Friday, Villarreal has dedicated an emotional poem to him on social networks: «There are days that only weigh. Too”.



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