Bonus 600 soles LINK official platform gob pe: check here with your ID if you are a beneficiary and when you can collect it, modalities and household group to which you belong Midis Perú Revtli | ANSWERS

The is a subsidy created by the Government of in mid-February of this year, when the second wave of the it reached a fairly high peak.

CONSULTATION: Bonus 600: Know what to do if you have problems to collect this subsidy

The purpose of this financial benefit is to help vulnerable families who have suffered the economic consequences due to restrictions, quarantines and curfews.

Through the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), the Government organized the payment of this subsidy in different payment modalities, groups of households and dates.

Bonus 600: What is the official consultation link?

  • From Monday, February 15, the Government put the platform into operation so that citizens can check if they access the “Bono 600 soles”.

People must enter their ID number, the date of issuance of said document and accept the privacy policy of the platform. The Government website will show if you or a member of your household is a beneficiary and It will also specify the date on which the subsidy can be collected and the form of collection.

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Bonus 600: Do you have problems to collect it?

If you need help to find out if your home is a beneficiary, collect the voucher or know the different payment methods, the State offers you guidance and information by telephone and in person (dairy farms in rural areas). Take into account that in bank offices no guidance or information is given on the bonds. To avoid crowds and the risks of contagion from COVID-19, use the following care channels:

Line 101

You can call the Line 101 Monday through Sunday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, including holidays, to find out if your household is a beneficiary and the payment method that corresponds to you. In addition, they will help you complete the steps to access mobile banking or another payment method.

Drums of Midis

The drums or fixed platforms of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) are available to citizens in communities and populated centers in rural areas of the country to access different services provided by the State.

For the 600 Bonus, there are 176 dairy farms located in the prioritized regions with an extreme alert level, where you can receive guidance. Take into account that You will not be able to collect the bonus at the dairy farms.

According to the criteria of

Trust Project

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Bonus 600: Know what to do if you have problems to collect this subsidy
Since last January 26, the Government ordered the delivery of the 600 to 4.2 million Bond to families that were economically affected by the pandemic that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus. However, not all have made the collection effective because they had some inconveniences.



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