Book an appointment for free “flu vaccine” via the Tao Tang app. with simple steps

NHSO invites people to book an appointment for influenza vaccination via “Bao Tang app” is available today. Choose to make an appointment for service at the nearest service center With a simple, convenient, fast, self-injection process from today-31 Dec. 64

Today (24 November 21) Dr. Attaporn Limpanyalert Deputy Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said that according to the NHSO has provided benefits for seasonal influenza vaccination services for people in 7 risk groups, all treatment rights annually and in the year 2021 due to the situation of Covid has expanded to 3 more risk groups, making it cover all Thai people. to prevent severe disease and death from complications especially in the epidemic situation of COVID-19 That reduces confusion in the diagnosis and treatment between influenza and COVID-19.

In order to facilitate people to receive influenza vaccination services, NHSO has coordinated with Krung Thai Bank. by open to the public for all rights of treatment to reserve the right to vaccinate against influenza through the application “Bao Tang”

which people can do by themselves easily with the following steps:

1. Click Applications. “Bag Tang”

2. Click menu “Health Bag” Enter the health bag page.

3. Click “Health bag Health insurance and disease prevention rights to main page “Personal Health Rights” which will appear your name and the right to medical care If your name still does not appear, please register according to the steps.

4. Scroll to the menu. “Health Promotion Services” and click will take you to the page of benefits that will be received

5. Click to select “Building Immunity with Vaccines”

6. Click “Seasonal Influenza Vaccination”

7. When entering the conditions of eligibility screen, click on “Look at the service unit”

By choosing a service unit that is convenient to receive vaccination services and make an appointment which the system will enter the appointment with the phone number to contact the service unit

Dr. Attaporn said that booking the right to receive influenza vaccination services through the Tao Tang application It is an alternative way to receive services that facilitate the people. which you can do by yourself from today onwards

both in Bangkok and its vicinity including other provinces Or contact at any service unit or hospital in the National Health Security System (Gold Card) system free of charge. whether it is a government hospital All sub-district health promoting hospitals (Hospital Sor.), public health service centers in the Bangkok area, and private clinics participating in the project. or a hospital according to the right that you go to treat regularly It is recommended to call in advance to make an appointment for service. to reduce congestion in vaccination services

For influenza vaccination, it can be injected together with the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the Ministry of Public Health’s instructions, book No. SorThor. COVID-19 vaccine to speed up immunization

If people have questions about accessing the service For more information, please contact NHSO hotline 1330, 24 hours a day, or inquire via Line NHSO by adding a friend to Line NHSO. Type @nhso or visit for details to receive influenza vaccination. at the NHSO website

information from National Health Security Office (NHSO)

Image from TNN ONLINE / Krung Thai Bank

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