“Boost Your Child’s Exam Success with Superfoods: A Guide to Healthy Nutrition for Students”

2023-05-29 09:34:36

With the end of the school year exams approaching, and students entering the stage of preparing for tests and debates, parents are striving to provide appropriate healthy nutrition in order to help their children focus and raise their IQs. What are the “superfood” foods that promote mental health and focus during exams?

Useful nutritional supplements

Superfoods are food supplements that contain a group of rich foods with vitamins And minerals, which contribute to improving people’s health.

Nutritionist Dana Hamwi told Sky News Arabia that the diet of our student children during the period of preparing for exams and taking exams at the end of the school year needs a number of “super foods” to raise concentration rates and stimulate memory to ensure good health for students during this important period. school year.

The most important types of “superfood” foods

The nutritionist points out that the “super food” foods that benefit the health of our students during this important period at the end of the school year are varied, as we can focus on foods that increase the level of concentration and attention and maintain the activity of the body during the examination period, which helps children to study. And conducting tests in the best conditions, and among these foods we find:


It contains protein and all the essential amino acids needed for healthy body functions and energy production, and the presence of thiamine in eggs helps convert carbohydrates into energy, and vitamin B5 helps the body provide the body with energy.

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Salmon is rich in omega-3, which maintains heart health. This type of fish is rich in protein, iron and vitamins and contains few calories.


It is a vegetable rich in nutrients and vitamins and is known to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


It contains a mixture of beneficial fats for the body, fiber, and protein. It provides the body with great energy thanks to its vitamin B content. It is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

It is also a powerful source of energy and maintains the immune system because it is rich in essential antioxidant minerals including selenium, manganese and copper.


It plays a major role in enhancing and preserving memory, in addition to its role in reducing harmful cholesterol and promoting and supporting the health of blood vessels, which increases the results of improving cognitive performance.

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that help relax the senses, make you feel happier, and boost the production of endorphins, which increase blood flow to the brain and can help improve memory, focus, and attention.

The importance of sleeping early and having a healthy breakfast

In addition to the role of “superfood” foods in increasing concentration, stimulating memory, and enhancing the health of our children at this important period of the school year, Dana Al-Hamwi believes that breakfast should be healthy, rich in energy, and give activity for a long time by eating slow-absorbing carbohydrates such as whole grain bread or rice. Brown, and it is also possible to add peanuts that are rich in unsaturated fats, omega-6 fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E, thus ensuring activity and energy for the body throughout the day.

She also stressed the importance of sleeping early and organizing sleep hours, in addition to drinking water in large quantities and exposure to the sun to take vitamin D so that we can maintain good health for our children and be in their best condition during the school exams period.

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