Borghi: “In my scheme Ignacio Saavedra is better than Pulgar”

Chile’s defeat against Venezuela caused a strong shakeup. La Roja not only lost for the first time as a visitor to la vinotinto. He also exhibited a poor game, which again puts the questioning in the work of Reinaldo Rueda.

For the former coach of La Roja, Claudio Borghi, one of the problems is that the player who plays abroad is highly privileged, over the local environment. Sometimes nonsense. “The Chilean has a very special way of thinking. Everyone who goes outside is apparently better than the one who is inside”, stated in CDF.

The ‘Bichi’ exemplified it with an absent player on this roster. “I really like Ignacio Saavedra. And for me, in a scheme that I like, he is better than Erick Pulgar. But they tell me Thumb is the Fiorentina. And that I care that he is in Fiorentina. For my system, for my game, Saavedra is better, “he said.

“With Meneses. Is it more than Puch? No. It is not more. We have to get rid of this idea that everything that comes is better”, he pointed.

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