Boris Johnson, center of criticism for cycling far from home

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a bicycle

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is the center of criticism for having been seen riding a bicycle far from his residence in London, despite the fact that the population is asked to exercise close to home as part of the current lockdown measures in England.

The newspapers indicate this Tuesday that the head of the Government was seen on Sunday afternoon wearing helmet, mask and riding a bike in the olympic park, in east London and about seven miles from his official residence at 10 Downing Street. Although the rules on confinement are somewhat ambiguous, people are asked to limit their physical exercises – such as going for a run, taking a walk, or riding a bicycle. to your “local” area.

The press points out that Johnson is breaking the spirit of the rules after being seen cycling in the Stratford neighborhood, where the Olympic park is, accompanied by his security personnel. The Downing Street residence has declined to comment on the walk the politician made on Sunday afternoon.

Johnson likes a bike tour from central London to Stratford, which he apparently did when he lived in the Islington neighborhood of north London, according to the press. The Prime Minister is passionate about cycling and, when he was Mayor of London, he would always ride it from Islington to the city hall on the River Thames.

Labor MP Andy Slaughter stated that the Head of Government should “lead by example” Given that London has a high level of COVID-19 infections but that, Johnson is, “once again, do what I say and not what I do.”

This incident comes to light after several ministers endorsed the police decision last week to fine two women in Derbyshire, northern England, after they drove a five-mile drive to a park for a walk. These fines were suspended last night and the Derbyshire Police apologized to the two women.

Government-imposed restrictions underscore that one “you should not travel outside of your local area“To exercise. Infections have increased rapidly in recent weeks in the United Kingdom following the appearance of a new strain of the coronavirus last year in south-east England. According to the latest official data, 46,169 new ones were recorded on Monday infections and 529 deaths.


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