Boris Moiseev could ruin sex with young guys

On September 27, it became known about the death of the 68-year-old singer and dancer, Honored Artist of Russia Boris Moiseev. For the last 12 years he has been seriously ill. In 2010, he suffered a stroke. Five years later, another one. He was partially paralyzed. Never fully recovered. And he could not survive the third stroke that happened to him now.

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Moiseev aroused public interest not only with his bright shows with extravagant costumes, outrageous dances and defiant songs like “Child of Vice” and “Blue Moon”, but also with scandalous revelations. In particular, he was the first on our stage to openly admit to non-traditional sexual orientation.

True, in the future he denied these confessions and, shortly before the first stroke, even announced his intention to marry a woman – American businesswoman Adele Todd.

“I am insanely surprised by such aggression and such injustice towards me and my colleagues,” Boris Mikhailovich was indignant when Alla Pugacheva’s ex-husband Alexander Stefanovich in his book hinted at his participation in homosexual orgies in the Rossiya concert hall. – It is clear that everyone wants money. And everyone earns them as he can. Someone – a point. Someone – mouth. Who does a good blowjob. But Stefanovich writes these notes. Insults against everyone he mentions is just a serious clinic! That he writes not “Moiseev”, but “singer M.” – doesn’t change anything. It’s clear to everyone who he means.

Borya met Alla Pugacheva in 1975 at the Orbita club, where he performed

“Kick in the balls”

– Yes, there were some similar situations, – then Moiseev continued. – But the directorate of the concert hall did not arrange any parties at the Rossiya Hotel. There were just some premieres. Including one of the best works of the queen of our stage “Favorites”. And I had the honor to be invited to it as a VIP, as an old friend and comrade, as a true friend, not a traitor.

I consider myself for many years a subject of her kingdom and have never removed this title from me. And I hate to read and even know a character like Stefanovich. I am very sorry that he was in the life of our Queen. If he thinks that someone can buy into the nasty things he wrote, he is deeply mistaken. He can roll it all up and shove it up his ass. I’ve been called “blue” all my life. Well, to hell with him! Call it what you want! And we’ll see on the shore who will become who!

No matter how they call me – “not a singer”, “not a dancer”, “not an actor”, but over the past month I have given 29 concerts – and at good-o-o-o-osh full houses. That’s all! If someone is trying to stick his nose in there … like this … like his … Mr. Penkin-Shmenkin … Yes, their posters also hang out. That’s how they chat. And Borya Moiseev both plowed and will plow. And don’t give a fuck about this… how is it… Stefanovich to write nasty things!

Let me live in peace, your mother! Let’s do it right! Let me get off this story already, earning my money! Yes, many years ago I gave a scandalous interview that I was a homosexual. I wanted to eat. It was necessary to surprise the people with something, to kick them in the balls. Well, how much can you remember?

Their next meeting took place in the 80s in Jurmala at the Laima Vaikule show.  During the dance
Their next meeting took place in the 80s in Jurmala at the Laima Vaikule show. During the dance “Signor Cha-cha-cha” Borya gave Alla a rose, which won her heart forever

“Alone in the world”

“Borya has been inventing something about himself all his life and, apparently, he got into the role so much that he no longer distinguishes fiction from truth,” explained the former producer of Moiseev, Evgeny Fridlyand. – In terms of myth-making, he had good teachers.

He learned a lot from Alla Pugacheva, who also always loved to surround her life with legends. And some chips were suggested to him by my friend Valera Grinberg, who was once a very famous concert administrator.

Borya, in the distant 80s, decided that dancing would not go far, and turned to him with a question: “Tell me, please, what needs to be done to advance as a singer?” “Come up with some scandalous legend! Greenberg advised him. – For example, say that you were born in prison. It will be interesting in our country.”

Borya caught everything on the fly. And since then, he began to tell everyone the story of his supposedly prison origin.

In fact, according to Borya’s brother, their mother was a communist, she never sat in jail and loved one person all her life – their father Mikhail Tolkach. Already divorced, she continued to meet with him and as a result gave birth to Borya.

Even I, having worked with Borya for almost 15 years, to be honest, did not know this. We traveled together to Canada, where his brother lives, and to Israel, where his sister lives. But he never met or spoke with his relatives. I was extremely surprised when it turned out that his brother’s wife from Canada was a former member of Borya’s dance group “Expression” Lyudmila Chesnulyavichute.

“These villains do not want to communicate with me because of my orientation and say that they have deleted me from the list of relatives, as I will disgrace them,” Borya claimed. Nevertheless, his nephew Vadim, the son of his sister from Israel, who was hiding from service in the Israeli army, lived with him for several years.

Apparently, at some point, Borya felt that he should help one of his relatives. In my opinion, he was a deeply unhappy person. “How good it is for you all! – Borya told me when my daughter was born. – You have families. You are loved. And I’m alone in the whole wide world.

With Kolya Baskov
With Kolya Baskov

Flash Sale

The relatives of the singer considered the culprit of Moiseev’s health problems to be his concert director Sergei Gorokh, who, in their opinion, stuck to him for mercantile purposes and, for his own benefit, brought him to such a deplorable state.

– Peas always set Borya against me and was the initiator of our separation, – said the same Friedland. – The result of Bori’s annual independent activity was a stroke. In my opinion, Borya was simply raped. Driven by unprofessionally organized tours and a huge number of completely unnecessary TV shootings.

I immediately began to offer him my help. In Israel, my friends, with whom I studied together at the medical institute, have been engaged in rehabilitation after strokes for many years. And they were ready to join Borya’s treatment free of charge. But Peas did not want to hear about anything. As I was later told, he called the attending physician and said: “Do whatever you like, but Friedland must not be allowed to see Boris Mikhailovich!”

Apparently, this was due to the fact that I was one of the few people in his entourage who could adequately assess the current situation. In the end, when Borya had already left the neurology clinic, in the absence of Peas, I brought a doctor from Israel directly to Borya’s apartment on Krasnoproletarskaya Street.

With stylist Sergey Zverev

At this point, there were renovations going on. Fifteen painters in protective masks were painting the walls and ceilings. Everything was literally saturated with acetone vapors. And in the middle sat Borya without any mask and breathed this muck. It was evident that he could not adequately perceive what was happening.

We were shocked that Gorokh had not moved Borya to his country house for the duration of the repair and left the sick man in such terrible conditions. “The situation is not easy,” the doctor said. But not so much that nothing can be done. A year of rehab could bring him back to normal.” Alas, no one listened to his recommendations. After that, Borya occasionally worked with a speech therapist for some time. And then he stopped treatment altogether.

The current situation is beneficial to the one who manages all the affairs of Bori. When I worked with him, I had a five-year power of attorney to manage all of his affairs. I am sure that Sergei Gorokh now has the same authority.

Once I helped Bora buy a house in Barvikha on very favorable terms. So, Boris no longer has this house. He’s sold. And much cheaper than it was offered a year ago. Then the person was ready to buy it for 2 million 200 thousand dollars. But Boris refused. And now the house is gone for only 1 million 300 thousand. Why such a rush sale?

Sergei Gorokh

One heir

“There is a war over Boris’s inheritance,” he complained in the NTV program “You won’t believe it!” the elder brother of the singer Marx Pusher. – The man had a stroke. It was necessary to exclude alcohol and smoking from him so that he would be healthy. And he – please! – after some time gets a second stroke. Slowly they send him to the next world. I have such an opinion. I have no other opinion.

His two phone numbers are offline, not working. Peas don’t answer either. He tried his best to remove me from Boris. Apart from me, Pea has no rivals for the inheritance. Maybe if he could, he would annul me too. I am not just a brother to Boris. I am like a father to him. When he was born, I was 14 years old. At the age of 16 I went to work. He gave all the money to his mother to feed Boris. I took him to the House of Culture when he wanted to dance. Raised and nurtured him. It came as a shock to me that my brother’s Moscow apartment of 120 square meters has been owned by Gorokh for a year and a half.

According to realtors, this property costs from 70 million rubles and more. What right did he have to rewrite this apartment for himself? He didn’t build it or buy it. This is the state of Boris. And he has only one heir. Nobody informed me. Nobody said anything. He just took and stole this apartment.

After the release of the program, where I called Peas to answer, he immediately called me. He began to ask me with aggression why I started this and why I talk about him like that. “You simply isolated Boris to take over his fortune,” I told him. – Why, when I called, you did not give the phone to Boris, so that I could talk and make sure that he was alive? Either he is no longer alive, or you closed him somewhere in the basement or in the cellar.

With parodist Alexander Peskov

Gone happy

However, among Moiseev’s acquaintances, Peas also had defenders who claimed that they shamelessly slandered him and in fact the director was a real guardian angel for the singer, who surrounded him with completely disinterested care.

“He didn’t hide Moiseev from anyone and didn’t prevent anyone from communicating with him,” producer Ruslan Gatin assured Express Gazeta. – In 2016, Oleg Nepomnyashchiy, the former director of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, now also deceased, introduced me to Boris Mikhailovich. Since then, I have been in touch with him periodically. I found out how he was feeling and if he needed any help. Only a couple of times Peas answered his number. Usually Boris Mikhailovich answered the phone himself. His speech was very slurred and inarticulate. But he understood everything and responded to my questions quite adequately.

Due to the fact that Gorokha has recently begun to be accused of isolating Moiseev and embezzling his property, I suggested that my colleague Sergei Dvortsov film an interview with Boris Mikhailovich for one of the TV channels so that he himself explains everything. At the end of August, we turned to Gorokh about organizing this shooting. “At the moment, Boris Mikhailovich is abroad,” he said. – Will arrive only in a month. And then he will give you an interview without any problems. Asked to contact him after September 25th.

Unfortunately, when we were about to call him, the news came that Moiseev was gone. It is clear that there was no fault of Peas in what happened. He did everything for Boris Mikhailovich that was in human power. As they say in the party, sexual entertainment with young boys could ruin him.

At one time, Nepomniachtchi told me that Berta, as he affectionately called Moiseev, did not stop indulging in these entertainments even when he was sick. And sex in this state of health is just fraught with a variety of complications, up to a stroke.

But if Boris Mikhailovich really had sex before his death, he went into the next world the happiest person, and one can only envy him.

Photo source: EG Archive, Larisa Kudryavtseva, Mila Strizh/KP, Boris Kudryavov, Evgenia Guseva/KP

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