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Borj El Barajneh Municipality activates the “Corona Cell”: The Ministry is absent!

A few days ago, videos of the Burj Al-Barajneh municipal police spread, calling on citizens, via loudspeakers, to adhere to preventive measures. These scenes sparked panic among the residents about the danger of the spread of the Corona virus again in the region, and prompted some pages of social networking sites to inflate the number of infected people.

But the truth is that the actual number of active infections currently recorded does not exceed 100. Commenting on the state of “alert”, the mayor of Burj al-Barajneh, Atef Mansour, explained to “Al-Akhbar” that it was necessary to sound the alarm to avoid the spread of the virus further, pointing out that the people’s rush to take preventive measures has somewhat decreased, especially from the outbreak of the virus. Before those who received the vaccine during the previous periods.

Mansour indicates that the municipality has reactivated the crisis cell that was originally present and is in contact with all the injured, revealing that the Ministry of Health is almost completely absent from providing the necessary health care, unlike what was happening previously in the stage before the partial subsidy for medicines was lifted.

He points out that the Ministry of Health has reduced “the number of PCR tests significantly, after the municipality was able to conduct about 250 tests per day, the number of tests did not exceed 80 per week, and a large part of them are provided by associations”, while the citizen today prefers to be quarantined in his home for two weeks after If he feels the symptoms of the virus, he must perform the examination, which costs him about 250 thousand Lebanese pounds, at his own expense, in such difficult economic conditions.

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