Borràs plants the Supreme Court and obliges the judge to request the request for the 18 contracts by finger

The spokeswoman for Junts per Catalunya in Congress, Laura Borràs, has decided to plant the Supreme Court and not go to testify this Friday before the judge that she has opened a criminal case for the alleged irregular hiring during her time as director of the Institution of the Catalan Lletres (ILC). Although his declaration was voluntary, the truth is that his gesture will already force the Supreme to process his plea to be able to formally impute it, since it is nationally settled. Borràs has to answer to justice for the alleged award of 18 contracts to a friend during his time at the head of the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC).

Through his Twitter account, Borràs announced his decision last night: «Today I communicated to the Supreme Court that tomorrow I will not go to testify. To do so would imply validating all the irregularities that I have been denouncing in a case that has violated my rights since day one, ”he explained in a tweet.

Judge Eduardo de Porres cited the deputy once the reasoned statement submitted by the Court of Instruction number 9 of Barcelona was studied, which began investigating facts that could be constitutive of the crimes of documentary falsification, administrative fraud, administrative prevarication and embezzlement of public flows. In its report, favorable for the Supreme Court to open criminal cases against Borràs, the Prosecutor’s Office appreciated

“Clear and forceful evidence of documentary simulation (continued by the deputy and her friend) when making budgets falsely attributed to people and companies that have denied their authenticity.” The last and only purpose of these documents, he said, “was their contribution to each of the contracting files in order to provide a supposed transparency and objectivity to the contractual award process, covering up the predetermined decision to award all contracts to Herrero and masking the illegal contractual fractionation ».

Prosecutor Javier Zaragoza denounces that between March 2013 and February 2017, the ILC awarded Herrero a total of 18 minor contracts by “illegally” dividing into 18,000 euros the contracting of services that “actually obeyed the same operating unit or functional”. Borràs was “perfectly knowledgeable since the beginning of his mandate of the legal prohibition to divide the same contractual object into several contracts”. The amount of contracts awarded to Herrero was 259,863 euros, according to the statement echoed by the prosecutor.

He participated in its preparation
The Public Prosecutor’s Office notes that the deputy “was not only aware that all the budgets contributed to each of the hiring files under investigation were actually made by Isaías Herrero, although they appeared to be presented by other natural persons or by certain companies, but who participated in its preparation, establishing by common agreement with those concepts and amounts appropriate to justify the award directly or indirectly to that through those persons or entities ». .

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