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Apartment liquidation – sell gold

One Apartment liquidation Berlin is emotionally and physically challenging. During the move you also have to part with some things. The pieces of furniture, numerous electrical appliances and much more.

What should not or cannot be taken over does not have to end up in the bin. Rather, things can be converted into money. Old toys, porcelain and paintings often find new owners at a flea market, for example. It’s similar with tools and antiques. Jewelery made of gold or silver can be particularly valuable. This not only means normal jewelry, but also cutlery, candlesticks and other items made of the appropriate metal. It is important to offer everything at a good selling price.

sell collectibles

It is possible that some things are simply no longer needed when the apartment is liquidated or the ex-partner’s coin collection is not to your liking. It can be the same with the wedding ring, which is unnecessary after the divorce. Other reasons for sorting out are also possible. Many goods do not have to be thrown away. There are sure to be some valuable pieces of jewellery. These can be converted into real money.

Even dirty or defective goods sometimes still have a relatively large financial value. If you want to get rid of such pieces – regardless of whether they were inherited or bought yourself – you should definitely inform yourself beforehand. A trustworthy online gold buyer is suitable. If this is found, a good price can still be achieved for old silver or gold jewelry. Such companies can be found on the Internet and checked for trustworthiness before contacting them to sell gold.

Sell ​​gold thanks to good price development

A look at the development of the gold price over the past 15 years reveals that selling gold is worthwhile. Even small amounts of the metal can add value to the wallet. Even in times of uncertainty, gold has good value stability. In addition, the sale is quick and confidential. Likewise, the condition of the gold is very irrelevant to many gold buyers.

Even defective gold objects are accepted. Depending on the gold dealer, however, there may be a small discount on the price. This should be taken into account beforehand and, if necessary, inquired about. The discount, i.e. the difference between the current price of gold and the price paid, covers the expenses of the dealer and also brings him his own revenue.

Price increase not only for gold

There are many trustworthy dealers in the market. Reputable providers will endeavor to grant an attractive gold price. However, some dealers have also increased their purchase prices for platinum, palladium and silver. Similar to gold, the price of the three precious metals has been increasing for several years. All in all, customers can therefore count on a plentiful payout for such goods.

If the seller can see the engravings on the items, they can determine the value. A gold calculator can help here. A gold calculator is familiar with all major silver, platinum, palladium and gold alloys. It can be used to determine the monetary value of metal objects or dental gold. A kitchen scale is sufficient to determine the weight. This should be able to reliably weigh to the nearest gram.

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