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Börse Express – Modern Plant Based Foods Increases KitKitchen Soup Capacity and Prepares Nationwide Growth

Vancestor, BC, December 31, 2021 Modern Plant-Based Foods Inc. (CSE: MEAT) (Modern Plant Based Foods) or that company) is pleased to announce that it has relocated the manufacturing facility for its popular KitsKitchen soups to meet current and future demand. Due to capacity problems in production, the company has recently been unable to fulfill a significant number of orders.

Despite the bottleneck, the current sales growth at KitsKitchen was in the period of 2021 to 2022 43% and the volume growth in 2021 from 76,400 liters to 107,770 liters a clear improvement, which, however, is still far below potential due to the production capacities. With additional products, KitsKitchen will significantly expand its offering in the eastern provinces of Canada and expand its market position with some of the larger retailers such as Costco.

The Company has also appointed Avtar Dhaliwal as Chief Executive Officer, effective from 4. January 2022 replaces the previous CEO Joni Berg. Ms. Berg will continue to work for the company and focus on KitsKfocus on itchen, the company that she founded 7 years ago. Mr. Dhaliwal has been with the company since it was founded and has worked in numerous functions over the course of the company’s history, getting to know the various areas and special features of the company.

I am happy, think Postin to pass on to Mr Dhaliwal, a colleague I have worked with and in whom I have great confidence. I will continue to work with the company, and especially with KitsKitchen and KitsCheeze, giving them the attention and focus necessary to help them grow into a global brand. I know Mr. Dhaliwal will do an amazing job of developing the company and the brand, especially now that the consumption habits of Millennials and Generation X are changing, said Ms. Berg.

Mr. Dhaliwal studied at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and has years of experience in the food industry, particularly in the areas of supply chain, compliance and regulatory processes. He is a third generation farmer and has over 1,000 acres [ca. 405 Hektar] Farms the land, employs hundreds of people, and monitors the growth of a wide variety of crops for retail and wholesale use. In addition, Mr. Dhaliwal oversaw crop quality standardization, wholesale sales and marketing, and direct sales to consumers in local markets and overseas. Working with dealers and associations, Mr. Dhaliwal brokered products to large retailers and national grocery stores such as Overwaitia and Safeway. Mr. Dhaliwal has also worked with wholesalers and partners such as the BC Fruit Packers Association and direct wholesalers. Most recently, Mr. Dhaliwal has been instrumental in guiding the company through the compliance and regulatory hurdles for product approval and distribution at Costco and other wholesalers.

I look forward to leading Modern Plant Based Foods into the next phase of growth and expansion in this rapidly expanding market. I’ve been in the food business for as long as I can remember and I will continue to work closely with the team as I advance our aggressive growth strategy in other markets in North America and around the world. I will continue to focus on an aggressive growth path, with a strong focus on innovative products, marketing techniques and acquisitionsexplained Mr Dhaliwal.

About Modern Plant-Based Foods

Modern Plant Based Foods is a Canadian food company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers a wide range of plant-based products, including alternatives to meat and dairy products, soups and vegan snacks. Our products are available in select restaurants and retailers across Canada, including our own Modern Wellness Bars in Vancouver. We take a holistic approach to a plant-based lifestyle and know how important it is to offer consumers nutritious and sustainable alternatives without sacrificing taste. Our goal is that people can eat food with a clear conscience. That is why we consciously choose ingredients that do not contain soy, gluten or nuts and have not been genetically modified.

Our guiding principle is to change the production and consumption of food for the benefit of people, animals and the environment and to use plant-based ingredients of natural origin.

For more information, please contact:

Yuying Liang


[email protected]

Tel.: +1 604-657-9010


700 W Georgia St #2500,

Vancouver, BC V7Y 1B3

Cautionary note regarding forward-looking information

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