Börse Express – New York Stocks Conclusion: Predominantly moderate profits

The coronavirus epidemic has brought investors to the
Wall Street is not alarmed on Friday either. The most important
Equity indices closed moderately in positive territory and moved
thus continue to be close to their highs. According to traders
investors continue to hope that the medical profession and the
responsible authorities can get the crisis under control.
An end to the Covid 19 epidemic is still not in sight. The
Infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus in China increased with one
new counting of infections strong again on Friday.

The leading US index Dow Jones Industrial went 0.09
Percent lower at 29,398.08 points in the weekend. On a weekly basis
this means an increase of 1.02 percent.

The broad S&P 500 added 0.18 on Friday
Percent to 3380.16 points. For the Nasdaq 100 technology index
it went down by 0.29 percent to 9623.58 points

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AXC0314 2020-02-14 / 22:19

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