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Whistle, comment on the VW judgment of the BGH by Carsten Steevens

Frankfurt (ots) – The highest judge has now decided that
Volkswagen in

Germany owners of diesel vehicles with illegal
Switch-off device

to improve exhaust gas values ​​on the test bench
have to pay.

The first judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on the diesel scandal
name things

by name: the behavior of the car manufacturer, the registration authority

deceived and vehicles with manipulated technology in seven digits

to have placed on the market is “objectively as immoral”
to watch.

It is “particularly reprehensible” to ignorant buyers and
“with the

fundamental assessments of the legal and moral order

More than four and a half years after that by US environmental agencies

Publication of the trickery is the BGH judgment one
Whistle with which

but the Wolfsburgers can live. For the group that so far
in spite of

substantial cash outflows as a result of the corona crisis not from
Suggestion one

substantial dividend increase for the past financial year
move away

will be the additional burden on 60,000 pending civil lawsuits

Germany can be tolerated.

The decision from Karlsruhe itself contributes to this by the
Wear the

Vehicles when calculating the individual compensation amounts

will be taken into account. In addition, the number of

Entitled to compensation, just before the BGH opened its doors in early May

hinted at consumer-friendly position, reduced. With
Consumer advocates

the carmaker achieved a comparison of around 240,000
Diesel holders that

Refund of an average of 15 percent of each
Purchase price

assured. The Wolfsburg-based company will pay around 750 million euros for this.

In order to in the USA, a niche market for the Lower Saxony, in
Diesel scandal

legal certainty for around half a million vehicles affected

the group quickly received more than 20 billion euros

Measured against the original 2.4 million affected in Germany

Volkswagen will get diesel vehicles off lightly. That too

the BGH has only just given its verdict.

The decision marks a line under the exhaust gas scandal
Not. who

in Wolfsburg when what knew about the manipulations continues
open. The

Legislators will have to consider how they consider the (civil) legal

such scandals can improve in Germany.

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OTS: Börsen-Zeitung

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