Economy Börse Express - ROUNDUP / Aktien Frankfurt Conclusion: Uncertainty...

Börse Express – ROUNDUP / Aktien Frankfurt Conclusion: Uncertainty prevails


The German stock market has changed after one
renewed record run at the end of the week rather uncertainty among the
Investors hired. After the Dax already
had slipped into the loss zone several times a day, it ended up lacking
Drive from the USA with a minus of 0.01 percent at 13,744.21
Points. The markets in Asia had previously also been inconsistent
developed. Nevertheless, the Dax had another around noon
Peak reached. On a weekly basis, the leading index succeeded under the
Stroke an increase of around 1.7 percent.

The MDax also set new records on Friday
and with the SDax to report. The index for medium-sized
The company ended the day in the green and
gained 0.14 percent to 29 214.88 points. In the entire week
he came up with a profit of 1.8 percent.

The infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus are one in China
new way of counting infections rose sharply again on Friday.
National statistics currently include just under 64,000
Infections recorded, almost 1400 people died. The
According to experts, the number of unreported cases is significantly higher. A problem
is also the return journey of tens of millions of Chinese who have come to the
extended vacations to return to their jobs. This
raises fear of new waves of infection.

It has been on the stock exchanges in Europe and the USA in the past few days
despite the uncertainties surrounding the economic impact of the
new lung disease often reached new record levels.
Now it works, “as if investors didn’t know what to do next
“, CMC market expert David Madden said in one
Comment. “On the one hand, the crisis is worsening
the corona virus. On the other hand, the US and China want
but screw down their respective import taxes to the
Improve trade relations. “

Skepticism also prevailed in Europe on Friday: The
Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50 gave up 0.15 percent
after, the French leading index Cac 40 fell in Paris
by 0.39 percent. The London FTSE lost 0.58 percent

Wirecard shares fluctuated below the individual Dax values
clearly by quarterly figures. As a cut off
They ended up losing around three and a half at the end of the index
Percent one. Despite the strong business dynamics, the company was criticized
Profitability in the final quarter of 2019. For the ongoing special audit
of the books by KPMG, as expected, there was no news yet.

VW’s preferred shares lost 1.2 percent.
Declining delivery figures for the month of January were found
less attention than a burst comparison with plaintiffs
Diesel customers.

Meanwhile, the RWE papers soared With
the highest level since November 2012. In the end they laid
Stocks up 1.06 percent. With an increase of almost 22 percent since
At the beginning of the year, they are now the third strongest Dax value.

Outside of the Dax family, Godewind’s stakes jumped
real estate by around 15 percent to 6.40 euros. The
Office landlords and the French only went public in 2018
Covivio have signed a policy agreement, according to
Covivio is to be taken over and taken off the stock exchange.

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World News :

From positive signals from the Japanese industry colleague Sumco
The shares of the wafer manufacturer Siltronic benefited in the MDax
with a plus of 3.6 percent and rose to the highest
As of October 2018. Sumco had thanks to solid demand
Surprisingly good quarterly result promised.

metro benefited from a positive study by
Bernstein analysis house. With the Russia business at the bottom
and lower earnings expectations, the risks are now more balanced,
it was said. The stocks gained more than three by afternoon
Percent. At the end of trading, the growth then decreased
however, to one percent. A recommendation from the private bank
Berenberg for the Fielmann Share also caused
a drop in the price of the optician share in the SDax by 5.6

The current yield on the bond market rose by 0.41 percent
The previous day to minus 0.40 percent. The Rex index
fell 0.04 percent to 144.75 points. The Bund Future
gained 0.10 percent to 174.44 points.

The exchange rate of the euro recovered only minimally from his
Three-year low. The common currency became too in the afternoon
$ 1.0841 traded. The European Central Bank had that
Reference rate previously set at $ 1.0842 / cro / he

— By Claudia Müller and Karolin Rothbart, dpa-AFX —

 ISIN  DE0008469008  DE0008467416

AXC0283 2020-02-14 / 18: 19

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