Bosch and Continental also close factories in Spain due to the coronavirus

Suppliers Bosch and Continental will also close their factories in Spain and much of Europe due to the expansion of the coronavirus. A decision expected after the total closure of the vehicle factories, and advanced by the specialized portal Autonews Europe.

Earlier in the week, both German car suppliers, among the world’s largest, still hoped to keep their factories operational. However, on Thursday afternoon, both Bosch and Continental confirmed that they will partially or totally stop their production lines, in response to the collapse of demand and to guarantee the safety of their workers.

Bosch employs about 8,650 people in Spain, in five production facilities. Continental, meanwhile, has two production centers in Spain, in Rubí (Barcelona) and Pamplona, ​​as well as three locations in Madrid. Before the biggest one, the Barcelona plant, the shadow of an ERE for 760 employees weighed before the coronavirus crisis. .

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