Bose box test: these are the best speakers in 2020

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A Bose box test reveals which speakers from the manufacturer really have it all. The winners of the comparison offer you fabulous sound at a reasonable price.

Are you looking for new speakers to do something good for your ears again? Then you are guaranteed to find it here. Of the Bose box test provides information about which models can really be seen and, above all, can be heard.

Bose box test: these are the best models

Of course, such comparisons are not always true for every taste. Nevertheless, a look at the Bose Box test cannot hurt before you buy a loudspeaker from the brand in order to narrow down the potential candidates for a purchase in advance. The tested sound systems contain the right product for almost every purpose. Regardless of whether you prefer to use the Bose boxes on the PC or on the go, size is important to you or you are simply looking for the best sound: you are guaranteed to find it here.

The best Bose box for the PC: Bose Companion 2 Speaker

The best Bose box in the test for use on the PC is the beginning. It offers a high quality of sound over stereo, convinces with a clean, no-frills design and was specially developed for use on the desktop. It can be connected to all common Windows and Mac computers and can also be plugged into your mobile phone or tablet.

Display: Buy Bose Companion 2 Speaker from Saturn.

Good sound for on the go: Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

In the Bose Box test, a loudspeaker in particular was found to be particularly suitable for use in the outdoor area. Due to its Bluetooth connection, annoying cables are a thing of the past, even though they also have a connection for them. However, this does not affect their sound, because it is crystal clear and has a rich bass. Compared to other Bluetooth boxes, the Bose box is also a little more expensive. But the sound can also be heard in large open areas and its material can withstand wind and weather without worry. The model also has a particularly colorful design to match its name.

Display: Buy Bose SoundLink Color from Saturn.

The most compact Bose box in the test: Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker

If you are looking for the most space-friendly device possible with the help of the Bose Box Test, the Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker should be of great help. Its dimensions are not much larger than that of a smartphone and in addition the Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker is also waterproof. In relation to its size, it can still have a good sound experience that hits even the highest heights without distorting. Unfortunately, their compact design does not come without any drawbacks: the Bluetooth box has a battery life of around six hours.

Display: Buy Bose SoundLink Micro from Saturn.

The best sound experience: that’s the Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve speaker delivers the highest quality sound from the Bose box test. It has a deep, bass-saturated, loud and yet immersive sound that even sonic everything around its own axis at a 360 degree angle. This is due to a conical, portable design that can be easily connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. The sound is extremely finely tuned and spoils every ear with the finest sounds.

Display: Buy Bose SoundLink Revolve from Saturn.

Bose SoundLink Mini II Speaker: The all-rounder of the Bose box test

The overall best Bose box in the test is the SoundLink Mini II Speaker. It convinces in almost every point, be it through its extraordinary bass, which results in an overall wonderfully harmonious sound, up to its design and processing. This speaker is also wireless and can be connected to any device that can have at least a Bluetooth connection. Its signal does not allow loss of sound perception and its very good battery life easily breaks the ten-hour mark. The Bose box is charged via USB.

Display: Buy Bose SoundLink Mini II from Saturn.

More Bose boxes in the test

Fortunately, the audio-savvy experts at the Bass Head Speakers portal have put the Bose speakers through their paces and are presenting a handful more speakers in their current comparison if other criteria such as the design simply appeal to you more than those of us chosen.

If there is still no suitable model for you in the Bose Box test, give the competition a try: The JBL speaker comparison provides you with the best speakers from the manufacturer of the same name. Can’t make friends with Bluetooth speakers? These are the best WiFi speakers.

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