Boston Celtics (3) vs Philadelphia Sixers (6)

Boston Celtics

Results: 48-24 (66%), third in the East

How did it go in the bubble?

Five wins, three losses. With rather reassuring news like the gradual return to form of Kemba Walker. The Celtics did not make waves but their preparation for the playoffs went smoothly. Now let’s get down to business.

Jaylen Brown, Big Time Player !

Philadelphia Sixers

Results: 43-30 (58%), sixth in the East

How did it go in the bubble?

Four wins, four losses. No longer a serious injury, that of Ben Simmons. The Australian is very likely to miss the entire playoffs due to knee pain. The Sixers, who started with three wins in four games, followed with three losses in the last four outings. Once again ups and downs for this group which is so irregular and which is definitely struggling to find an identity. Time is running out for the coach Brett Brown. But beware, this team is capable of the best … but also the worst.

The duel to follow

Jayson Tatum against Joel Embiid. They do not play at the same position at all. But it is the “star power” which must speak in this series between two historical rivals. Who is able to carry their franchise to the second round? The winger is younger but he does not lack experience. Above all, he is better supported with Walker but also Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward around him. Be careful not to shake in hot moments.

Jayson Tatum, waking up after the nightmare

The key to the series

Boston defense. Because if Philly without Simmons, they’re a much more offensive team. 108 points out of 100 possessions with the All-Star winger. 121 without him. The Celtics will have to find solutions to compensate for their lack of size and strength in the racket. Especially since in front, there is a Joel Embiid released and at the heart of the Sixers attack, which he has been asking for for years. It can do a lot of damage.


Boston en six.

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