Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot becomes a sniper

The robotics company Boston Dynamics designed a robot dog for practical use in the industrial sector. With a price of 63,000 euros, we have seen it in public at the Tokyo Olympic Games with the robot Pepper, among other occasions. Its main function is to help in emergency situations, although it has been used for many other tasks. We could also see a lady walking her dog Spot through the streets of León.

But Spot has undergone a change, and that is that Boston Dynamics has decided to incorporate a sniper rifle into the back of its robot dog. Christened the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle or SPUR, the weapon it holds has a 10-round 6.5mm magazine and has thermal vision for shooting in the dark.

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The characteristics of the robot are as follows: it incorporates a 7.7kg precision rifle, which can fire at targets 1.2km away. The weapon is coated in ceramic, a material difficult to identify with night goggles. Its thermal viewfinder has a 30x zoom, which allows it to act completely in the dark and the recoil from the shots is manageable by the robot.

At the moment, it has only been presented although everything seems to indicate that it could be used in situations of extreme risk. This was communicated by Ghost Robotics, which on Twitter has mentioned the United States special operations forces.

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