Boston: Professor dies in an elevator accident

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Professor dies in an elevator accident

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A woman presses a button in the elevator (symbol photo)

A woman presses a button in the elevator (symbol photo)

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In the USA a professor died in an elevator. The cabin rushed into the depths before the woman was completely inside – and tore her to her death. She is said to have been warned about the elevator beforehand.

Dhis accident arouses compassion among Americans: 38-year-old Carrie O’Connor lost her life in an elevator crash. O’Connor had only taken on a professorship in French at Boston University two years ago.

She had moved to Boston a few weeks ago. On Monday she wanted to transport a large and heavy package in the elevator to her house. According to media reports, the elevator rushed down when O’Connor loaded the package.

An eyewitness is said to have warned the professor about the elevator from the 1920s shortly before the accident. The local resident Leanne Scorzoni told the television station CBS: “I heard someone carry a package down the hall. He helped her carry the box, then took the stairs and said to her, ‘Hey, be careful. You have to open the door, then come in and only then press the button. ‘”

A little later she heard a “hideous scream”. “We ran into the hallway, there was a man who was completely in shock and hyperventilating. Scorzoni suspects that O’Connor accidentally hit the button. The police are investigating the cause of the accident.

In one Boston University Obituary it is said that O’Connor will be remembered by her family and colleagues as an avid reader, as a traveler, and for her Francophilia.


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