Boston River leads the Clausura and takes its head out of the red zone – Ovation – 01/26/2021

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Boston River got off to a good start the Closure. He is the only leader of the tournament, with two victories in the two games played. But the important thing for those led by Juan Tejera is that they took their heads out of the red zone of the descent.

Obviously there is a lot to be done, but the last two results: the win against Deportivo Maldonado and the victory neither more nor less than Rentistas, have helped a lot in the confidence of the footballers.

“There is still a long way to go and we still have nothing, but the positive results ease your head. We are going game by game and ready to get as many points as possible “, he acknowledged José Alberti, the author of the winning goal against the Red Bugs.

“We played that game with visible results, because Deportivo Maldonado had already lost to Liverpool. We had to win, we knew that by winning we took our heads off the descent. We play with soul and life. The ‘Mono’ (Irrazabal) had already taken one from me. And in the goal I was going to give him first, but I saw that he was alone and I accommodated him. And it seems to me that the pique harmed him ”, he said.

“We never stopped training in the parate, we complied with the planning and that was key. And at the start we played a great game with Deportivo, it came out perfectly ”, explained the midfielder, who was in the last three games against the Fernandinos in which they scored 12 goals.

The intensity

“The practice was intense but short,” he said for his part Wiston Fernandez about work yesterday morning. “I don’t know if there is a key or a secret to have started on the right track. We are giving everything because we are in a very difficult situation. Our goal is to save ourselves, we do not get excited about anything strange, or be champions or anything. We know that we have to go down to Plaza Colonia, reach a better position and in any case in the future think about entering a drink “, added Wiston.

Alberti arrived from Juventud de Las Piedras at the beginning of last year. “They received me very well, this is a very healthy and strong group.” The change brought change. He left Canelones and now lives in Lagomar, which makes his three-year-old son Bastian very happy, with whom the steering wheel shared the pool yesterday afternoon. “Since I came here, I have been going to practice with the” Ant “Valdez,” he said.

Another who lives on the coast, but a little further away, in Pinamar, is the technician Juan Tejera. His arrival was critical to Boston’s comeback. “We have more intensity on the wings and when it comes to defending. We always have zero in mind in the goal and we are getting the idea that he wants ”, explained Alberti.

“Tejera’s is a much safer idea. Maybe with Abreu we tried to play a little more, but it’s football and sometimes you go out to propose and it goes badly. There is not one thing that you do and know that it will go well for you. Now we are more intense, we defend well and we also attack with an area reference ”, said Wiston.

The steering wheel did the training sessions in Defender Sporting and Juan Tejera was the coach when he was promoted to the first team of the violets. “He raised me to do a preseason. Then they played the cup and I had no chance to debut. Then Juan left and Acevedo came and six months later I went out on loan to Boston. I was born in Defensor and I am grateful to him, but today my home is Boston River. I feel very comfortable, ”added who has been in the Bolívar neighborhood for four years.

Wiston is very regular, he hardly plays a game badly. Her physique helps her and gives the impression that as the minutes go by she runs more and more. “My idea is to always keep myself at a good level. Aerobics helps me a lot in the position I play in. I try to play well, I collaborate in defense and I try to reach the area. I try to be multifunctional, ”said the 23-year-old man raised in Manga, whom his mother named Wiston so that no one would be named after him. “My mother liked it and she wanted me to be the only one.”


The next rival of the “Tailor” is Cerro Largo, with which he tied 0-0 at Ubilla. Now they will play in the Centennial. “He is one of the toughest rivals in the championship. I’ve seen it a lot. They play very well ”, concluded Wiston Fernández.

Tejera wants to enjoy

“Cerro Largo is difficult, but they are all difficult for us,” he said. Juan Tejera. “It is a good team that has been working with the same coach for a long time. He is always fighting despite the fact that every six months he has to rearm the team. Surely, after these games they will take more precautions with us ”, he analyzed about the next opponent.

“I think that the work we have been doing, with great intensity, has given them confidence,” explained the coach about the good start. “The thing entered their eyes. And I am clear, I do not walk around. I think they liked that. I knew before coming that there was a good group of players, in football and human terms, “added Tejera, who except when he directed Defensor Sporting or Liverpool, clubs always hire him to save themselves from relegation.

“I don’t know why. I walk a little crooked because I had surgery on my hip and maybe I don’t have the figure, or the aesthetics that some want. I haven’t done badly in football and I always went well from all sides. But hey. It’s my turn, I like football and I want to enjoy it, ”said Tejera.


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