Bougane Guèye Dany recruits the struck off police officer

Bougane Gueye Dany recruits the struck off police officer within the Boygues Corporation SA group. Pape Bouba Diallo, the former policeman and talibé of Serigne modou Kara Mbacké will work alongside Bougane at the headquarters of the holding company in Keur Gorgui.

“Pape Bouba Diallo will receive the same salary as when he was in the police. He will also benefit from 3 months of paid leave ”, specifies Bougane Guèye Dani. After this announcement, Serigne Modou Kara gave his blessing and prayed for Bougane Gueye.

As a reminder, the policeman, on duty at the Palais Djily Mbaye in Louga, bowed down to his spiritual guide who was staying there. The talibé-cop did not regret his act, the General being and remaining his Guide, he said he could only act with reverence in front of him.

Solidarity of the Mourides

On Facebook, the number of Pape Bouba Diallo, struck off the police, is published to provide him with financial support. In addition, two bare land are offered to him, one in Touba, the other in Darou Mouhty, respectively by Serigne Dame Mbacké, son of Serigne Mourtada Mbacké, the other by Serigne Mahamadou Makhfouz, son Serigne Mohammadou Moukhtar Mbacké. A vast fundraising operation has been launched.

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