“Bounce Cypher 2023: Switzerland’s Biggest Live Rap Event with Over 90 Rappers Competing for the Crown”

2023-04-20 14:02:00


At the major Swiss live rap event, over 90 rappers will show off their skills on the microphone.

They are the biggest, the greatest, the smartest and have the best sex in the country. When rappers compete at a «Cypher», it’s all about padding and not messing about. The Cypher is a rap competition in which the MCs show what they can do in terms of lyrics, flow and rhythm. Battle rap involves exaggeration, ridicule and sharp-tongued insults, like boxing punches.

Over 90 rap artists from Switzerland will be performing at the six-hour live event “Bounce Cypher”. One after the other, the MCs stand in front of the microphone and deliver the rhymes that they wrote especially for the occasion. Each has its own crew, cheering on its artists.

«Bounce Cypher 2023»

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Here you can watch the live stream of the rap event from 4 p.m

There will be well-known names from the rap scene such as Black Tiger, EAZ, Knackeboul, KT Gorique, Lo & Leduc and XEN, but also newcomers such as Naveni from Biel, the Bernese rapper VO and Kylo Dream from Liechtenstein.

Pablo Vögtli and Sirah Nying will moderate the show.

“The Cypher is an opportunity to present yourself, to “challenge” yourself – and it is a reflection of the rap scene,” says the Lucerne rapper Mimiks, who is performing for the eighth time this year and is therefore one of the Cypher veterans.

The woman question

One can be especially excited about the female rappers. Women are still underrepresented at hip-hop events, which tend to celebrate toxic masculinity. But something is slowly changing. While there were twelve female MCs behind the microphone at Cypher 22, this time 18 women have announced their presence, around a quarter of the total entire line ups. But the women have already delivered in 2022.

For example KT Gorique from Martigny, who also enjoys international success and is celebrated as the queen of freestyle rap:

The Grisons rapper Gigi presented herself to a broad public for the first time at the last Cypher and left a lasting impression. Her announcement: “I came to stay.”

According to a YouTube comment, Cachita, who is actually known for her soul voice, also “delivered really blatantly”. In her rap, she gets tough with braggarts and misogynist slogan-makers.

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