Boy Pakorn quits wither, talks Faye Pornpawee, very happy, likes everything about him.

love is good It’s like when we study together. Starting from where I… already know each other I’ve met at work already. But who really know each other because he is a friend of a friend in the same group of friends So we got to know each other

start talking more he is cute looks cute I like chubby women I like that he’s cute too. When I get to know each other, I like that the quirks of clicking each other, talking in the right language, talking in the same language. laughing at the same We can dare to laugh at him.

Ask me at what point I feel like I’m super clicked, and suddenly I feel like it’s right?

There is not a single point, gradually becoming. We gradually get to know each other more and more. A little tone control Well, Faye once told me that the way he sees me on IG and the real me is not the same. On IG, it’s more goofy than cranky.

But the real one will be serious as well. People who see it as Boy Pakorn, have to be trolled, Ha Ting Tong is really like that. that I would like to convey to everyone But seriously, I don’t know why I’m conveying it.

All of a sudden, why was it launched this time?

Many people understand that I have but keep it private But the truth is, no one knows that I have withered for many years. Withered than hands is my heart, there is some loneliness

How do you call each other?

Basically, he calls me you. You to me will be a catchy word.

Crazy in love. Infatuated with him. Are you addicted to him?

Usually someone who talks to someone, we are quite addicted. Do you have any calls in the morning? How are you doing? Have you eaten yet? Are you tired? I’ll talk more at night about how we’re doing today. How are you today because different people are working too.

When you have a boyfriend who is serious?

I’m a playful person, seldom let anyone see and keep it, shy, afraid that people won’t be able to accept it. It’s against our eyes It might not be that big. but is a person who is quite concerned about taking care

What he used to say, what impressed me was He felt that he was well taken care of. He never felt that I was lacking in taking care of him, for example, he couldn’t drive. Sometimes he goes on errands and takes a taxi. We are worried that he will go to pick up and deliver. We take care of him as much as we can.

If you know what he likes, send it to him. that he likes to eat chocolate We’ll find some delicious chocolate for him to eat, and we don’t dare to talk too much. Will it become that we talk to ourselves to look good or not? We’re still not sure if what we’re doing is good enough. But we did our best

What is the age difference?

I’m 37, he just turned 29, it’s 8 years old, I don’t feel that much older. He thought the same. Because he is quite an adult. Now the status is still talking.

He asked to see our behavior first?

I wasn’t worried about that. We are confident that we will definitely not do anything to upset him. I’m pretty clear that I’m sincere and serious with Faye.

Are we jealous? Are we jealous?

I was jealous, but I was more jealous before. People may not even realize that I am. But as we grow up, we begin to realize that we have to adjust according to the times. Women want to be beautiful, want to dress up, understand more. Of course, I like him, he’s cute and bright.

I like him for being a good hearted person. What does he do to be mindful of other people’s minds? to be timid I like everything about him. he is cute Another point I like him. I like his lifestyle dressing over there He will be a decent person.

who teases him on IG Like he goes to the sea, of course, it must be a half-dress. little swimsuit I already knew he would post a picture. will be dressed, he will be saved already We are comfortable at this point. Replying to @KevinKhan

Mom wants to have a boyfriend?

After a while, he began to speak. Because I really don’t have anyone. He will tell you why you don’t try to talk to anyone, no one, not dating anyone. I feel like I worked quite a lot before.

we would like to have someone We have to make sure that we really have enough time for him. And another thing is that when I am in love, I have bad habits. I will focus less on work. distracted from work

Who cares more?

There must be attention to both of them. Calling. I’m calling more than ever. because I flirted with him first I was the person who flirted with him. At that time, we started talking as friends first, then gradually became clear, telling him directly so I typed it in the like that if I wanted to talk to you in person, would it be okay?

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