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Boyacá Chicó responded to the weekend scandal when a group of workers from a sportswear manufacturing firm prevented the team’s bus from leaving in front of the La Independencia stadium, alleging lack of payments from the club.

The maximum shareholder of the team, Eduardo Pimentel, gave statements in which he indicated that he will sue the woman, called Diana Rojas, who on her knees prevented the passage of the bus in protest against the non-payment of the entire contract.

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According to Diana, the debt is more than 30 million pesos and that is why she chose to lead this protest. After an agreement with Ricardo Hoyos, president of the team, the bus continued on its way to Bogotá before the trip to Barranquilla.

Pimentel said this Sunday that the sportswear made was of poor quality. He said that a $ 50 million contract was made and that the club paid $ 28 million as stipulated.

“They gave the clothes, but unfortunately it was rejected by the professional body of the team, because the maquila … was perverse, it was clothes that did not fit the players. She had to pick up all the clothes, ”Pimentel said in statements to W Radio.

Diana, for her part, has denied this version and said that the club uses the clothes that her company made.

Pimentel added: “That is in Coldeportes, he requested. We have everything supported with documents and versions of players … Two months ago we dedicated to removing this year due to difficulties. What they are doing are situations of another nature, they failed us “..

“They want to charge wildly for what they have done wrong, and we believe that it is not worth being here for a ridiculous sum of $ 22 million …. We pay again for the making of those clothes that she was not able to do. do well ”, added the manager.

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In addition, Pimentel pointed out that Diana’s protest, by not letting the bus pass, leads to a lawsuit.

“What they did with the bus seems to me to be for a criminal lawsuit, for damages that occurred in the institution, and therefore we will take the necessary measures, in fact, our lawyers have already received the order of the president and the board of directors because they cannot collect by their own hand what they believe should be done, “he said.

The shareholder said that the payment will be fulfilled, but that they will carry out criminal actions. “We know that she made mistakes and we tell her that as soon as the club’s situation can be leveled, if she has already amended the error, we will enter into the payments to suppliers that I estimate will enter the next month.”



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