“Boycott is a big word” (neue-deutschland.de)

When Alexander Rosen talked himself into rage live on TV, he did not shy away from the ultimate threat. “Boycott is a big word,” said the sports director of the Bundesliga soccer club TSG Hoffenheim, who vented his anger over the past period of absence: “But it’s time to put an exclamation mark. If necessary, we have to think harder about not letting the boys go. ”

The fact that Rosen, of all people, expressed his anger at the world governing body FIFA and the European Football Union (UEFA) so clearly had a background. After all, TSG had to do without their top scorer Andrej Kramaric (six goals in the first three games of the season) against Borussia Dortmund (0: 1), because he had been infected with the corona virus on recent trips with the Croatian national team.

“The clubs pay the players and work hard to ensure that the processes are carried out properly. And then you have the feeling that the higher-level associations simply don’t care – the main thing is that you stick through it, “said Rosen at Sky:” It definitely doesn’t work the way it went. It’s just irresponsible. ”

Some of Rosen’s colleagues shared the same opinion. It is “complete madness that teams travel wildly through the area in such a phase and fly into risk areas,” said sports director Horst Heldt from 1. FC Köln at Sportbuzzer: “It’s the clubs that pay the players, not the associations . “And like Rosen, sports director Markus Krösche from RB Leipzig wants to” think about “whether a shutdown in the next period” makes sense “in view of the increasing corona numbers.

If the clubs do not want to risk a fight with FIFA, however, their options are limited. Because the regulations are clear. The clubs do not have to provide their selected players if “mandatory quarantine or self-isolation of at least five days” is to be observed at the location of the club or at the location of the international match or if there is “a travel restriction” for one of these cities. However, if the authorities have given the national teams an “exceptional permit” for such cases, the clubs must surrender their players.

In addition, it is not only the international trips, which will be back in November due to contracts between the national associations and UEFA, that are a problem. After all, the European Cup participants will also be flying across world history from the coming days. Lucien Favre is very concerned about this. “This traveling is dangerous,” said the BVB coach: “I think we have to be very careful. There will be more cases. ”

Overall, it is the corona fears, the fear of injuries due to the high level of exposure and the question marks behind the meaning of some international matches that cause all sorts of displeasure among many participants. Ultimately, however, it’s all about the money – and the difficult-to-answer question of whether the associations or the clubs need it more urgently at the moment. SID


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