Boycott or warning (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Protest mark with full physical effort of the players of the football NACK national team (Duisburg, September 4, 2021)

So now it happened. The DFB selection has qualified for the World Cup next year. It will take place around Christmas time in Qatar. A country that is as far removed from human rights as the fan lawyer is from the post of DFB President. I too have been thinking aloud lately whether it would be a good idea to boycott this World Cup. So far you couldn’t boycott anything because you weren’t qualified. That is now done, but there will hardly be a boycott. The incumbent Vice President of the DFB, Peter Peters, has in one Interview with the association’s homepage in all seriousness stated that he »had no objective reason to doubt the honest and orderly behavior of the Qataris«. Now it is actually the case that there have been advances in various laws in favor of the workers working on site on the stadium construction sites. However, various experts believe that these laws are of no use precisely because they are not applied. Something like this is usually called a “fig leaf”.

Peters goes on to say that they want to »contribute locally to promoting changes«. The football fan can ask himself how these should look seriously. Hopefully it will not be painted T-shirts like in the recent DFB past with »The Team«. Something like that can only be described as ridiculous. Nobody can seriously assume that the state of Qatar will override misogynist or homophonic laws for the time of the World Cup. So what should the local action look like?

Only with drastic means such as a boycott can one set true signals and bring the host seriously and permanently into political distress.

“Sport free!” By the fan lawyer.

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