Bpost is changing its mind in Wallonia: the company ultimately does not need Decathlon

Bpost has decided to no longer use collection points from the Decathlon chain in Wallonia and to process parcels internally, said bpost spokesperson Veerle Van Mierlo, confirming information from Le Soir. 300 additional temporary workers were recruited this week.

Bpost faces a very large flow of parcels, internet purchases having multiplied during the confinement period. On Monday, the company announced “creative” solutions for all packages to reach their recipients, including the use of collection points from the sports brand Decathlon. But in the south of the country, this option will no longer be necessary. Bpost has in fact recruited 300 temporary workers this week, in addition to the 2,700 previously hired to manage the mass of parcels. Using Decathlon pickup points has always been a “plan B”, explained Veerle Van Mierlo. “We finally found enough people within our own network for the situation to be handled internally in the south of the country.”

The spokesperson stressed that all packages will be delivered to their recipients, including those currently at collection points in the sports chain. According to Le Soir, it was the unions – CGSP and CSC – who asked bpost to change its mind in Wallonia. They feared that the use of independents would set a precedent. In Brussels and Flanders, the partnership with Decathlon continues. “Bpost has considered using independents to distribute the packages that have not been removed”, explained to Belga StĂ©phane Daussaint, general manager of CSC Transcom-Poste. “We were clear: in Wallonia, there are staff available, so it is out of the question that we subcontract to independents.”

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