Braden Holtby stuck on the border with his turtles

Braden Holtby and his wife are stranded at the Canadian border for some unusual reason.

The couple cannot cross from the United States to Canada since they do not have a permit for their two turtles.

Brandi Holtby shared this mishap on Twitter Wednesday morning, asking in passing for the help of hockey fans to get in touch with the authorities responsible for granting the “export papers” required so that Honey and Maple can put their feet up. Canadian soil.

The Holtbys’ call was heard. On Thursday afternoon, the wife of the new Vancouver Canucks goaltender wrote on Twitter that “thanks to the good souls who have made an effort to help, the FWS (the American equivalent of the Canadian Wildlife Service) is trying to find a solution to bring Braden and the boys home ”.

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