Brand new mini embarrassing wireless! CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS

Small-sized keyboards have become popular in recent years. Corsair previously launched the K65 RGB MINI to reach 60% of the size of the market. Recently, it has turned its attention to the K70 series, which is loved by many players, and launched the new K70 RGB Pro MINI. WIRELESS, the standard 60% configuration gives 3-mode transmission, in which Bluetooth can store 3 devices for pairing, and also gives the design of the shaft body with poor thermal pull.

Axle: Cherry MX
Keycap Material: PBT
Backlight: RGB
Return rate: up to 8000 Hz
iCUE support: yes
Connection Interface: Wired USB-C to USB-A, 2.4G, Bluetooth 4.2 + LE
Warranty: 2 years

K70 also becomes MINI, and the three-mode connection is more widely used

Corsair’s second 60% short keyboard directly chooses the K70 series for the mainstream market this time, which proves that the overall sales performance of the K65 RGB Mini is not bad, but this time it is directly given the three-mode configuration, which makes this seemingly small The price of the keyboard is not so close to the people, but if players are not playing games, they will have multiple devices connected at the same time, or go out with a laptop, etc., the K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS can easily meet your needs.

In addition to the three-mode design, which is a major feature, the RGB lighting effect is also not less. In addition to the basic button lighting, there are additional ambient ambient lights below to meet players’ pursuit of light pollution. It is also worth mentioning The only thing is that the K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS actually has a support foot, which is a rare design for 60% short keyboards.

→ Outer packaging of the K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS mini.

→In addition to the disk, there are cables, key pullers, shaft pullers, blank keycaps and ESC keycaps in the package.

K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS supports multi-platform and has three-mode transmission, so it is also very thoughtful to attach a table on the packaging to tell players which modes are supported by those platforms. Among them, PC platforms, whether Windows or Mac, fully support three-mode, iCUE and The highest cycle rate is 8000 Hz, while home devices such as Playstation and Xbox do not support Bluetooth and iCUE, and the highest cycle rate is only 1000 Hz, while mobile devices such as Android and iOS only support Bluetooth.

→The back of the package clearly indicates which modes are supported by each platform.

The K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS is not too different from the K65 RGB MINI in terms of appearance because 60% of the keyboards are extremely compact. The same bare shaft and metal top cover design, if you look closely, you will find that the taste is still familiar, but the bare shaft and metal top cover are on such an extremely small keyboard, and it feels that there is no visual advantage.

→ K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS at a glance.

→ The configuration of K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS is basically the same as that of K65 RGB MINI, but there are obvious differences in appearance design.

As mentioned above, there is a ring-shaped atmosphere light at the bottom. The lighting part is not particularly high and not too dazzling. The main purpose is to achieve the function of embellishment. After the bare shaft is lit, the visual effect of the shaft is really good. But if you compare it with the K65 RGB MINI white light guide baseplate, it will feel a little inferior.

→ The K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS has ambient ambient lighting at the bottom.

→ List of rear lighting effects.

What is more special is that a removable color cover is designed at the rear. The factory is black. At present, there are white styles available on the official website. Of course, players can also remove it for spray painting, mold sticking, and water transfer. Printing and other DIY, it depends on how players get creative.

→The back of the keyboard is a colored cover, which can be replaced by additional accessories of different colors after removal.

Behind the keyboard, you can see the USB Type-C interface on the right side. Using the USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable provided in the package, you can use the wired connection and charge the keyboard, while the USB Type-C interface is next to it. Wireless mode switch.

→ Wired USB Type-C port and wireless power switch.

→ USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable.

And maybe some players have questions at this time, don’t all the three-mode peripherals use switches to control the mode switching? This time, it is special on K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS. Bluetooth can record the information of 3 different devices, which is a common design in commercial wireless products. Physical switch, and 2.4G is connected to 3 Bluetooth devices, it will be switched by using the Fn shortcut key, Fn+CAPS is SLIPSTREAM 2.4G mode, FN+T/Y/G can be used in three different Bluetooth devices switch between. The battery life is officially stated to be 32 hours when the light effect is turned on, and up to 200 hours when the light effect is turned off. Basically, it can be used for a few days on a single charge.

→ 2.4G wireless receiver, there is a storage slot behind the keyboard, you can switch to 2.4G mode through Fn+CAPS.

→Bluetooth connection can be paired with 3 groups, and the connection shortcut keys are FN+T/Y/G.

K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS keycaps are two-color PBT keycaps in rows. Similar to K65 RGB MINI, side engraving is used to indicate the Fn combination function. This time, it also has the double-layer Fn combination key function. Many, the basic presets of Fn combination keys are full. Players can set the required functions in the second layer of Fn2 combinations in iCUE. In terms of keys, it will be Fn2 (Fn+Menu)+any key.

→The FN shortcut function on the keycap is printed on the front side of the keycap.

→The keycap part is made of PBT material.

Only Cherry MX red and silver shafts are currently available in the shaft part. It is a pity that there is no CORSAIR optical shaft this time, but the reason is because this time the shaft is hot-swappable, allowing players to change the shaft according to their own preferences. The body of the keyboard can be regarded as some extra fun for DIY keyboard players, and the design of the satellite shaft under the long keys is not bad in terms of feel, and there will be no obvious skew or difference in strength on both sides of the long keys.

→ This time out of the box is the Cherry MX red shaft.

→ The use of the key puller must be aligned with the upper and lower buckles of the shaft body, and you can climb up when you hold it.

→After the shaft is pulled out, you can see the hot-plug socket below.

At the bottom of the keyboard, you can see the unique glyph of the front anti-skid strip, directly from the left to the right, and the rear is more special. In addition to the rubber pad, there is also a support foot, which is a relatively rare design on 60% size keyboards. It is found that the CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS does not have a large preset slope, which is similar to the general keyboard, and the support feet of this section can give you an additional angle choice. For those who are accustomed to keyboards Players with a higher inclination angle will be better to get started.

→A list of the bottom of the keyboard.

→The state that the support legs are not opened.

→The state after opening the support feet.

iCUE software

iCUE software is the control software for Corsair peripheral products. In the software, you can control lighting effects, key function settings and other functions. CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS has many Fn combination keys, and you can see all presets on the key setting page. The table of Fn key combination allows DIY players to find the key combination function in the software after changing the keycap.

→Key setting page.

→ Fn key combination.

→Light effect setting page.

→ Win Lock setting page.

→ On the setting page, you can check the battery status, adjust the brightness, adjust the sleep mode, switch the PlayStation mode, etc.

For CORSAIR products that support SLIPSTREAM wireless technology, the SLIPSTREAM receiver can be paired with other wireless products in addition to its own product, allowing players to use only one SLIPSTREAM receiver to connect to multiple wireless products at the same time.

→ SLIPSTREAM Receiver Wiring Pairing page.

→ The rate of return can be adjusted in the receiver.


Corsair’s unexpected launch of the K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS is really amazing. It is equipped with a three-mode connection at 60% of the size, and uses the shaft hot swap. It can only be said that the positioning of this product is really tricky.

The three-mode design is optimized for multi-platform users in terms of wireless. It can pair with 1 2.4G and 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, and switch quickly through key combinations, while hot swapping is for those who like to try different axes. Designed for DIY players.

If the above two points just meet your needs, then the price of K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS of 5690 yuan may be within the acceptable range. If you just want 60% of the mini keyboard, perhaps the K65 RGB MINI will be more suitable for you. Of course, if you want a new Corsair wireless keyboard, and the K70 RGB Pro MINI WIRELESS isn’t a good fit, then you’ll have to wait.

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