Brandon Prust takes a break from social media

Former Montreal Canadiens member Brandon Prust will stay away from social media for an indefinite period after a recent episode of frustration in which he overstepped the bounds towards a user of the Twitter platform.

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The 37-year-old has openly criticized the government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020, particularly on his social networks, in addition to responding to those who do not share the same opinion as him. On Wednesday, he told a lady on Twitter that he wanted the government to “force her to become a sex slave”, using this example to express his disagreement with the obligation to obtain the vaccine.

“After careful personal reflection, in addition to having received the advice of my family and friends, as well as having seen the reaction of the community, I understand that what I have written is unacceptable. first wrote Prust, in a statement posted on his social networks.

“I don’t forgive and I don’t encourage violence against women. I respect women enormously. I will also work to better understand health measures. To Elizabeth MacAuley, I sincerely apologize. I need to be more aware of the impact my words can have on others. ”

Prust also tweeted just minutes after making his remarks, as the story gained momentum.

“It’s a great learning moment for me,” he added. I joined experts to better educate myself on the use of social media. I will work on this until I can turn my mistake into something better. I will also make donations to organizations that work in this direction.

“I’m going to take a break from social media to learn more. Thank you to everyone who allowed me to open my eyes to start this journey that will allow me to become a better person. ”


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