Bravely Default 2 out now to Switch. More classic JRPG for the people!

As the title has already revealed, Bravely Default 2 has been released for the Nintendo Switch and can be purchased via Nintendo’s eShop. The game is a true classic JRPG, for better or worse, where we get to explore a new world with new characters. In the game, we meet the seafarer Seth who must travel around the world with his newfound friends to find the right four crystals to save the world.

Below you have some reviews of the game that was released yesterday and via the link below to the left you have the game’s Metacritic page. To sum up the opinions, Bravely Default 2 offers the same wonderful JRPG experience as its predecessors, but if you are not a fan of gritty role-playing games, it may be best to skip the purchase.


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