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Sailing and windsurfing has developed and grown step by step with the pace of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up, and has now become a characteristic business card of Shenzhen.

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, Guangdong, June 30

——A century of red sports walks into Shenzhen

Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Jiali and Wang Haoming

“The development of Shenzhen sea sports is very fast. In recent years, especially in sailing and windsurfing, it is completely different from the past 10 or even 20 years ago.” The 2016 Rio Olympic Games Women’s Windsurfing Silver Medal Winner Chen Peina has been trained in the Shenzhen Yantian Windsurfing Team since she was a child. In her impression, Shenzhen’s maritime sports are like the city itself, which has undergone earth-shaking changes in just a few decades.

As the first batch of special economic zones in China, from a small border town before the reform and opening up to a metropolis with a population of more than 10 million, the rapid development of more than 40 years in Shenzhen has created a miracle in the history of urban development in China and the world.

At the same time as Shenzhen’s rapid economic development, the sports industry is also making great strides, bearing fruit in this land with huge potential.

Shenzhen is located on the coast of my country’s South China Sea, with a sea area of ​​1,145 square kilometers and a coastline of more than 260 kilometers. With this unique feature, Shenzhen has nurtured international sailing events such as the China Cup Regatta.

“In the beginning, the conditions were difficult. Starting from Dameisha, Yantian, we didn’t even have our own sports venues.” Chen Peina recalled the training environment of the Shenzhen Sailing and Windsurfing Team in the early days. “Later, I moved to Dapeng Bay. We started to have our own small base, and now we have moved to Shenzhen Maritime Academy. Whether it is a gym or water storage equipment, we have better conditions.”

As Chen Peina said, sailing and windsurfing have developed and grown step by step with the pace of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up, and has now become a characteristic business card of Shenzhen.

At present, more than 30 primary and middle schools in Shenzhen have carried out sailing and windsurfing training, and the “Sailing Windsurfing into Campus” activity is also being carried out in many places. In order to actively promote and popularize sailing and windsurfing, more outstanding sports reserve talents are selected. Be prepared.

“Dare to try, be open and inclusive, pragmatic, and pursue excellence” is the spirit of Shenzhen in the new era and the driving force behind the vigorous development of Shenzhen sports.

40 years ago, Shenzhen was still a “small fishing village”, and its sports infrastructure was weak, and there was no standard track and field field. Since the establishment of the sports team in 1984, Shenzhen sports people have bravely “brought” and “created” the Shenzhen Stadium, Bijiashan Training Base, and undertook domestic and foreign sports events… Bravely standing on the trend of reform and opening up, and constantly pursuing excellence has made this The city’s sports events and sports industry have opened a new chapter.

The rapid development of sports such as sailing and windsurfing is the epitome of the booming development of this city. Standing at a new starting point, Shenzhen will once again set sail and move towards the goal of building an international sports event capital.


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