Bravo was vaccinated and underwent the magnetic arm test to prove

Claudio Bravo this afternoon underwent the vaccination process together with several colleagues from the Chilean Selection, in order to be able to take a step forward in the control of the coronavirus.

After that, he received a lot of comments on social media. But there was one on Twitter that caught his attention, as they pointed out that he could have put a chip in his arm, because many videos have appeared where they indicate that the arm is “magnetic” after inoculation.

For this reason, the goalkeeper put a rec on the camera to do the challenge. At home, he took the spoon out of the coffee he was drinking to test whether it was actually going to stick to his arm, which obviously never happened.

But to show that he took the matter as a joke, he took a piece of duct tape, stuck it to the spoon and there it was attached to his body, showing a great sense of humor.

The captain of the new era of Martín Lasarte, commented after having been vaccinated that “the truth is that we took an important step, we do what we have to do. We invite fans to go to the vaccination centers to collaborate with the health of all others “.

In addition, he commented that “it accelerates the process of normality, we will be able to mobilize more and allow people to return to the stadium, but always with a mask because we can continue to infect people. We must be alert as never before”


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