Brawl at Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, then the surprising confession

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Brawl at Dortmund Central Station, then the surprising confession: “I’ll admit it immediately …”

on 01.06.2020 at 5:46 p.m.

The federal police rushed to a fight at Dortmund Central Station, but one involved surprised with his testimony.

Photo: Ralf Rottmann / Funke Photo Services

Dortmund. Odd mission for the federal police Dortmund on Sunday evening…

Two men fought at the main entrance of Dortmund’s main train station. When the police arrived there, witnesses said that the two opponents had moved towards the Catherine stairs.

The forces took up the search with two strips and quickly found what they were looking for.

Dortmund Hauptbahnhof: Schläger delivers a direct confession

The two men could be found on the Catherine stairs. But one of the two participants (28) unexpectedly said openly: “I admit it immediately, I punched him in the mouth.” The officials probably did not expect so much honesty.

But that was even worse.


More news from Dortmund:


Officials uncover drug hiding place

A witness said that the Dortmund man had hidden his backpack near the stairs. The clue turned out to be worth gold. The officials immediately picked up an entire arsenal of drugs: there were around 200 grams of amphetamines, almost 100 ecstasy tablets, 20 grams of marijuana and 15 grams of hashish in the backpack.

The next hammer followed at the guard: the Dortmund man was searched with an arrest warrant. He remained in police custody. Another trial for assault and illicit drug possession awaits him. (mb)



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