Brazil: Ex-President Lula Allowed to Get Out of Prison

A part of the population shouts its joy, this Friday afternoon (tonight in France), in the Brazilian streets. Justice has just allowed former President Lula to leave his prison in Curitiba (south), where he has been serving a sentence of eight years and ten months' imprisonment for corruption since April 2018.

The historical figure of the Brazilian left will be released more than a year and a half after his incarceration. Lula, 74, was accused of having a triplex at a seaside resort near São Paulo in exchange for awarding contracts to a construction company. From his cell, he has continued to claim his innocence, claiming to be the victim of a plot to prevent him from returning to power.

Even before the confirmation of his release, the former president has already announced his intention to participate in major tours across Brazil, the famous "caravans" which allowed him to increase his popularity among the poorest, but also to travel abroad to embody the opposition to Jair Bolsonaro.

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