Brazil Faces Devastating Blow as Raul Neto Suffers Serious Knee Injury in Victory Over Iran

2023-08-26 16:41:00

If Brazil made short work of Iran by winning 100-59 on Saturday, the victory leaves a real bitter taste for the Brazilians. Indeed, Raul Neto left the meeting on a stretcher, victim of a serious knee injury.

It’s the kind of image we hate to see, and which immediately calms the excitement that accompanies us at the start of a major international competition.

At the start of the second half, Neto suffered a nasty fall on the counter-attack, and his knee unfortunately took a heavy toll. According to the Brazilian federation (via BasketNews), the former NBA leader who plays today at Fenerbahçe suffers from a ruptured patellar tendon. What does it mean ? That means Raul will be out for at least six months, probably longer considering he’s already 31.

This is obviously terrible news for Brazil, which loses an important member of the selection. A terrible news symbolized by the tears of Lucas Dias, collapsed after the exit on the stretcher of his boyfriend.

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— BasketNews (@BasketNews_com) August 26, 2023

In the same group as Spain, the Brazilians will have to face La Roja on Monday in a match that promises to be even more difficult than expected. Without Raul Neto, and in shock after his terrible injury…


Source texte : BasketNews

Our new transfer from the NBA, Raul Neto, was injured in the Iran-Brazil match and left the park on a

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