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The inmate identified as Alex Sandro de Souza Mota was sentenced to 20 years in prison for having raped his stepdaughter. The 30-year-old man was killed in his cell, apparently at the hands of three of his companions, who ripped out his heart and penis. According to a report by the guards noticed the subject’s absence in the courtyard and went to his cell where he was found dead.

“The inmate was found unconscious in his cell at the Cruzeiro do Oeste State Penitentiary. The body was located by prison officials who noticed its absence in the sunny patio “, it reads in the document of the Penitentiary Department. In addition, they indicated that the inmates, after ripping out the inmate’s heart, placed the organ in a container.

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According to the local media ‘Mass News’After this crime, the three suspects were questioned and one of them would have accepted responsibility in the act.

One of the detainees struck the first blow to the neck of the victim and ended up causing a hemorrhage and realized that he had possibly killed the victim. After that, he laid the victim on a bed and began to make some cuts to extract the heart and also removed the penis, putting it in the victim’s mouth. “, Izaías Cordeiro de Lima, responsible for the investigation, highlighted to the aforementioned medium.

The person responsible for the case reported that “According to the executioner, he heard voices telling him how to proceed and where to cut” and that the other two inmates were in charge of supporting De Souza Mota while he was attacked.


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