Brazil, outraged by the 400,000 deaths from Covid-19, demands answers from Bolsonaro

The psychological bars exist. After learning for weeks to digest with difficulty the images of large open graves even in the open fields and of night burials when the day is no longer over, Brazilians woke up yesterday especially shocked after learning that the country has already exceeded the threshold of the 400,000 deceased. Exactly, the Ministry of Health notified 401,186 deaths after the 3,000 registered in the previous twenty-four hours, which keeps a population “terrified” that demands answers from its president.

The problem is that it is immovable. More concerned about the investigation that the Senate has opened on his handling of the epidemic -and that it could lead not only to an ‘impeachment’ but to the bench if it is proven that he incurred in punishable irregularities-, Jair Bolsonaro yesterday expressed his regret for the high number of victims and then reiterated his criticism of the investigative commission and defend his anti-confinement policy. It does not matter that Brazil lives a ‘de facto’ national mourning. The main thing is political warfare. Y The far-right leader knows that his chances of re-election in 2022 are at stake.

It is enough to stay with this last data and others such as his intransigence regarding the pandemic, his complaints against everything and everyone or his abusive lexicon to realize that Bolsonaro is the last great lookalike of Donald Trump. The midday telenovela version of the former US president. And like that, the Brazilian has used his weekly televised statement to insist on his usual stubborn messages. “Close everything” and “stay at home” is equivalent to sowing “misery”; the governors who have chosen to confine their states are worthy of condemnation and, finally, the icing on the cake: the population must get used to the darkness because “unfortunately” the virus is not going to disappear. Then he recommended hydroxychloroquine for those who fall ill, a dangerous promotion that is part of the package of open charges against him.

The fact is that virologists, analysts and more and more citizens subjected to uncertainty and fear are beginning to tire of these words. A group of activists protested this Friday on Copacabana beach, placing thousands of black bags on the sand that pretended to be body bags. Until recently, bathers swarmed there. Experts are convinced that the virus accompanied many of them to sunbathe. This Friday only the plastic was heard in a sand morgue.

Thousands of families of the deceased have also begun to organize themselves in associations to demand ethical and judicial responsibilities. And the doctors denounce the slowness in vaccination – on Thursday they received a million doses of Pfizer – and the precariousness of means that makes it impossible to channel the pandemic. With 212 million inhabitants, Brazil accounts for 14.5 million infections, although the greatest concern lies in the lethality: in just over a hundred days it has gone from 200,000 to 400,000 deaths, mainly due to the local strain of the Amazon and the oxygen crisis, the tremendous lack of this gas that right now affects India in all its harshness. “We had a significant impact from the new variants,” explains Ethel Maciel, an epidemiologist at the University of Espiritu Santo, to the AFP agency.

Twenty-three indictments

But Bolsonaro continues with his gaze fixed on the Senate and boasts that the investigating commission looks like a “carnival out of time.” After a long process for its constitution – there have been discards, political alliances to put ‘friends’ in office and even lawsuits in court to eliminate ‘enemies’ – on Tuesday its eleven members set off. Five are supposed to be favorable to the president. The remaining six, no. And among them is the instructor, the centrist senator Renán Calheiros, scourge of the extreme rightist whose first words were: “Crimes against humanity are imprescriptible.”

The Government is charged with 23 charges for errors, omissions, not taking security measures, trying to sabotage the states most committed against the pandemic and other suspicions that dive into the destination of funds, Bolsonaro arrives with the counter at zero, since even it cannot boast that its resistance to lockdown has helped the economy. Brazil now has a historical record of 14.4 million job seekers.

Nor does the little company that he has left seems adequate. His chief of staff, Luiz Eduardo Ramos, has just revealed that he was vaccinated “secretly” from the president because, “like any human being, I want to live.” And the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, has starred in a scandal this week after a recording caught him saying that the coronavirus was “created by China” and that, even so, its vaccine “is less effective than the American ones.”

In January, as the epidemic raged, Guedes became infamous for his dislike of the fact that people “want to live a hundred years.” Bolsonaro did not stop him. Perhaps because the veteran economist looks great when he attends an official announcement in a suit and barefoot.

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“Maybe the commission wants to make a carnival out of time”

Luiz Eduardo RamosOffice Chief

“I secretly gave myself the vaccine. Like everyone, I want to live »

Omar Aziz Chairman of the commission

“The instructor will discover the culprits, may they be mayors or ministers”

Renán CalheirosSenator and instructor

“Crimes against humanity do not prescribe, as has been an example Pinochet”

Paul GuedesMinister

“People want to live to be one hundred”

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Yesterday, a group of activists strewn the Copacabana beach with plastics as body bags. reuters

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