Brazil wants an agreement between Mercosur and Morocco

“Brazil is negotiating, with Mercosur, new free trade agreements with certain Arab countries, including Morocco. The Brazilian government is indeed seeking to speed up the process of negotiating new generation agreements, in order to further promote trade. trade, ”said Fendt, speaking at the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum.

According to the secretary, Arab countries are important trade partners for Brazil and the Brazilian government is very interested in strengthening its relations with this region. “Mercosur has already signed a free trade agreement, particularly with Egypt. It is currently negotiating an agreement with Lebanon and has also started negotiations with Tunisia and Morocco,” he said.

“We believe that it is necessary to act on two fronts: the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework and the negotiation of new agreements both at the level of cooperation and in terms of facilitation of investments”, explained Mr. Fendt.

In this wake, Fendt highlighted the central role of the private sector for the Brazilian government to strengthen relations with Arab countries, adding that there is great scope for growth in technical trade cooperation.

For his part, the secretary general of the Union of Arab Chambers, Khaled Hanafy stressed that a direct navigation line between Brazil and the Arab countries is extremely important for the promotion of business, citing in particular the Tanger Med Port.

“The direct maritime line is a very important logistics project for the Arab League, the Union of Arab Chambers and the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. We are about to determine the ports of this future line, which will include stops at Morocco “, he said.

“We want to broaden this horizon and be part of a strategic partnership that would strengthen economic relations between Brazil and the Arab countries”, noted Mr. Hanafy.

Organized under the theme “The future is now”, the event, which takes place from the 19th to the 22nd instant, is being held in collaboration with the Union of Arab Chambers and the support of the Arab League.

The forum aims to promote and strengthen commercial and cultural relations between Brazil and the Arab countries, by offering a reflection on how these relations can develop and strengthen in a sustainable way.

On the program of this event, there are several panels addressing in particular the themes “the future is now: prospects for Brazil and the Arab countries in the new world scenario”, “a new international trade order?”, “Food security: a strategic partnership between Brazil and the Arab world? ” and “environmental, social and corporate governance – relevance in the current context”.

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