Brazil: YouTube Viral: Dani Alves almost broke the leg of a Gremio player

Updated 10/18/2020 at 1:58 PM

In YouTube We have seen everything in terms of football: huge goals, great assists and luxuries of different kinds. However, what currently stands out in the aforementioned platform is the chilling lack of Dani Alves about a player of Guild.

In match of Brasileirao, in which Sao Paulo did not go from 0-0, the former Barcelona player starred in a very tough scene. When the 17 minutes ran, in his quest to win a ball, Alves ended up nailing his boots on the right calf of Luiz Fernando.

As the YouTube images show, the Gremio player was lying on the ground and with gestures of obvious pain. Due to the blow, the Brazilian was injured, but managed to continue in the game thanks to the fact that there was not so much gravity.

Meanwhile, Dani Alves barely got the yellow card. The player with the most titles in history took it cheap and continued playing at the MorumbĂ­ stadium.

The video, which is going to have many views on YouTube, has generated several views and comments on the well-known platform. As is logical, the majority are critical of the Brazilian for the rudeness that he applied in the play and that could end in a serious fracture.




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