Brazilian actress Xuxa suggests that prisoners should try remedies and vaccines to “be useful”


28 mar 2021 03:52 GMT

Xuxa apologized after his controversial statements caused a stir.

The famous Brazilian actress, singer, presenter and entertainer María da Graça Meneghel, better known as Xuxa, generated controversy this Friday with the controversial statements she made during a conversation about animal rights on the Instagram page of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro, broadcast live. The video was later removed from the platform.

Xuxa suggested that drugs and vaccines should be tested on prisoners, since in this way, in the artist’s words, inmates “could at least be useful” for some cause. Brazilian media.

“I have a thought that may seem very bad to some, that may seem inhuman. In my opinion, I think there are many people who have done many bad things who are paying for their mistakes ‘ad eternum’, forever in prison, and that could help in these cases (…) I think they would at least be useful for something before dying, do you understand? To help save lives, with medicines, everything, “said Xuxa.

“If they are people who (…) are going to live 60 years in jail, 50 years in jail, and they are going to die there, I think they could use a little of their lives at least to help some people trying medicines, testing vaccines, testing everything in these people to see if it works. That is my opinion: since you have to die in jail, that at least you can help with something, “he declared.

After receiving different negative reactions to her proposal, the artist published a video on social media apologizing. “I am here to apologize to all of you. I did not use the right words. (…) I also judged, I mistreated, I used words that should not have been used. So I am here to apologize,” he admitted.

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