Brazilian Health Minister infected with COVID-19 in New York

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The Brazilian government said Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga had tested positive for COVID-19, hours after he accompanied President Jair Bolsonaro to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

The Government Communications Office said in a statement that the minister He will remain in New York in quarantine.

The statement added, “The minister is in good condition.”

He said that the examinations conducted for the rest of the delegation members She tested negative for the virus.

The minister told CNN Brasil that he did not give up the muzzle throughout the time he spent at the United Nations building.

The Brazilian president, who is skeptical about the vaccine, defied the rules of the United Nations that required everyone present at the gathering to be vaccinated, and he boasts that he did not get the vaccine.

The Brazilian Minister of Health is the second member of the Brazilian delegation in New York to have tested positive for the virus. Tests had confirmed the infection of a young diplomat from the team, who traveled early to prepare for Bolsonaro’s visit, at the weekend, and was subjected to quarantine.

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