Brazilian robbers rob 3 banks, bind hostages and cover cars Drop bombs all over the city!

Brazilian robbers rob 3 banks – August 30 BBC reported that the outrageous events in Brazil that Bank robbers hold hostages to the roof of an escape car. After the attack in the city of Aracatuba in the southern state of Sao Paulo.

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Officials said more than 20 people joined the riots. By setting fire to cars blocking various roads. and bombing all over the city After the first news report stated that the number of militants was more than 50 people.

Police said at least three people were killed, including one suspect, and three others were wounded and hospitalized after the shooting. and arrested 3 suspects

Police Lieutenant Alexandre Gedis of the Military Inspectorate Interview with Globo News Brazilian local media to the details of the three deaths that One of the dead, a man, was shot and killed by a group of thieves who saw the victims videotaping them. the other is a woman And one suspect was shot dead during clashes with police outside Aracatuba. As the bandits try to escape

One of the injured was a 25-year-old man, a cyclist. seriously injured After riding a bicycle through a bomb that thieves have planted all over the city. until referred to have both legs amputated

Police Lieutenant Gedis also said: There were still 14 explosions around the city, with the first indication that These grenades have sensors of some kind that explode when heated or moved.

The school will be temporarily closed. and the people were ordered to stay in the house. until the demolition of all bombs is complete.

The details of the robbery incident

Heavily armed men storm three banks in central Arazatuba. In the early morning hours of Monday, August 30, local time. After robbing a bank A group of thieves took many hostages. Siege of the local military police station They also set fire to cars to block the main road leading to the city.

Record TV correspondent Yuri Makri posted a clip showing the two cars used by thieves to flee. The first one was tied to the roof of the car. and another was tied to the hood of the car. As for the second car, someone crouched on the hood.

CCTV footage posted by Twitter users shows cars driving through the city of Arazatuba. Some cars have people tied to the hood. Another raised his hand as he stood up from the van’s open roof or sunroof.

Many residents reported hearing gunshots and even explosions.

Aracatuba Governor Delador Borchis said the police were trying to stop the incident. but can’t Because there are many life insurance. and that I don’t know The bandits released the hostages, but said security forces were able to regain control of central Aracatuba.

As for the money that the bandits robbed banks, the amount is still unknown. But some video clips claim to show residents gathering to collect banks on the streets.

On the website, G1, Brazilian local media also reported that Thieves use unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to track police movements from the air.

This is not the first time Aracatuba has been targeted by bank robbers. Back in 2017, criminals robbed a private security company. By taking control of various strategic points throughout the city, attacking police stations. and block the road

Raids tend to increase.

Large bank robberies have been common in recent years. The hostages were used as human shields to prevent the police from easily dealing with thieves.

These well-planned thefts are part of what Brazilians call the new “Cangaço”, meaning theft that disrupts different parts of the world. of Brazil in the 1920s and 1930s, with small and medium-sized cities being targeted.

Security expert Varasi Mingardi said these large-scale thefts became more frequent in 1995, targeting banks and companies storing and transporting valuables.

Dozens of criminals participated in one raid. Many were heavily armed with machine guns and sometimes bombs. although most of them occur in Brazil. But there has been at least one major heist by Brazilian gangs in the contiguous country of Paraguay.

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