Break for Éloïse and Charles from OD Chez nous

A bad surprise awaited the fans from the adorable couple formed byÉloïse G. Lafrenière and Charles Montigny Sunday morning … After the Web entrepreneur and lecturer let it appear that he was still spinning the great love with his better half in his stories Instagram Saturday night, after announcing he was taking a break from social media and going through a rough patch, now the beautiful owner of a beauty salon took all Instagram by surprise by saying that she was no longer in a relationship with Charles.

« Hello everyone. I have an announcement for you: Charles and I are no longer together. I know that you will have several questions about the reasons for our separation … just know that the return to real life, for us, was not easy. I would have preferred to live this moment of sadness in my privacy, but being exposed publicly, I have to share it with you so that I can get out of this unfortunate situation quickly and move on. I don’t want to demean Charles in any way, he’s a good person and I only wish him happiness. Thanks to everyone who has been there for me. I like You », She underlined in her stories.

We also notice that the beautiful blonde has deleted all her photos with the beautiful 27-year-old brunette.

We wish to convey our sweetest thoughts to Éloïse and Charles through this ordeal and wish them both the best (and a lot of sweetness!) For the future.

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