Break in water pipe at Smestad in Oslo

There are also large amounts of water in the road, duty commander Tor Audunhus in the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service (OBRE) informs NTB.

– Some houses have water in the basement, and sewage may have mixed into the water, says Audunhus.

Crews from, among others, the fire and rescue service are trying to get control of the situation after a breach of a water main at Smestad in Oslo. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

The water and sewage department is on site together with two fire trucks from the fire service. At 20.45 OBRE informed on Twitter that the water in the area is turned off.

– It is very reasonable to believe that it is a main water pipeline that has gone, says Audunhus.

The amount of water in the road has frozen. It is very slippery and it is strewn in the road.

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