News Breaking news: disgusting words in Ceren Damar case! The...

Breaking news: disgusting words in Ceren Damar case! The black of law


Ceren Damar Şenel (27), a research assistant at the Çankaya University Faculty of Law in Ankara, was stabbed in 17 rooms after being shot by his student Hasan İsmail Hikmet (24), who was caught while making copies in the exam at his university campus on January 2, 2019. Hikmet, who was arrested, continued to be tried in 33rd Assize Court of Ankara.

At the decision hearing yesterday of the case, the rejection of the defendant’s lawyer, Vahit Bıçak, was rejected. The defendant’s lawyer, Vahit Bıçak, stated in his defense statement: “What could the defendant do? I will explain it. The defendant did not enter the canteen with the gun in his hand and emptied it on many people. He could empty it, but he didn’t. He did not go to their rooms and scan the lecturers. ”


Repeating his claim that there is a relationship between the defendant and the victim, “The defendant had to submit to the sexual demands of the victim. The accused was the victim of sexual assault crime. The accused was psychologically depressed and treated against the insatiable desires and ambitions of the victim. Ceren Damar would have been tried for sexual assault if she was alive now. ” The knife also claimed that “Despite the call of unity initiated by the order of our President after July 15, Ceren Damar tweeted in favor of July 15”.

Attorney Blade explains the murder moment, “The defendant removed the knife to scare the victim. 17 knife strokes are urban legend. Let the participants learn to forgive from this child. It is necessary to have mercy on this child. The defendant gave the main lesson of humanity. He expressed his regret of killing people. ”


The painful father Mustafa Damar reacted in the form of “Buy a groom, then” upon the positive words of the knife. On this word of Damar, the knife replied, “You already bought it.” When the reaction sounds coming from the hall, the knife said, “As I saw a father trying to provide rent through his daughter’s murderer, I said” No such father. ” I will be complaining at the end of the lawsuit. ” “We will lament behind you,” said father Damar during the conversation. So the knife said, “He threatened me with death. The killer spirited man. There is a lot to be said to this father. Everyone lives as he deserves. ”


Defendant Hasan Ismail Hikmet said in his last defense: “I regret. I don’t believe I’m fair trial. It’s like an inquisition court. The only thing I would say is that there is no legal trial. It is not possible not to regret it. Who believes what and what does not concern me. My truths are enough for me. We have faith that you will make the right decision. ”


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The President of the Court, Hasan Şatır, announced that the accused was given an aggravated life imprisonment for “deliberate killing because of the public duty he performed.” In the decision, he was sentenced to 1 year for carrying an unlicensed weapon about the defendant Hikmet, and 2 years for student Ahmet Eren for an armed threat. There was no reduction in the sentence given to the accused.
Ceren Damar’s father, Mustafa Damar, who issued a press release in front of the courthouse after the decision, said, “They extended their honor and slander, as if they were not enough to bleed my daughter’s blood. We will also ask for an account of this. This case will not end here. Justice certainly did not manifest. The lie of the aggravated life will sleep for 30 years. I feel sorry for my country, “he said.

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The statements of the defendant’s lawyer, Vahit Bıçak, targeting the victim Ceren Damar throughout the trial caused reactions from the majority of the society. After the announcement of the decision, the Minister of Justice Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül made a statement on his social media account and reacted to the defendant’s lawyer. Minister Gül said: “The Judiciary, which heard the screams of consciences in the Ceren Damar case today; He did not disregard the understanding of every innocent woman to win, he did not preserve the memory of an innocent woman and did not allow human dignity to be broken. The question of “Should the defense have a moral or legal limit in the courts?” Has occupied the world of law for a long time; Finally, modern law has envisaged rules that define the ethical and legal limits of defense. Because the immunity of human dignity is above all rights. On this occasion, I once again wish God’s mercy to Ceren Damar and condolences to his relatives and loved ones. As his beloved wife said at the beginning of his funeral, he is not a good lawyer, a good engineer, not a good doctor; try to be a good person first … ”


Ankara Bar Association President Erinç Sağkan stated that she was uncomfortable with the defense made during the trial and said: “In case of complaints, there is a possibility that the file will come before us. I can explain my personal opinion, not institutionally. My personal opinion is this: It contains a regulation in article 34 of the lawyer law. Article 34 of the law includes the provision that “the lawyers are obliged to fulfill their duties in a carefulness, righteousness and honor in accordance with the sanctity of this duty and to act in accordance with the respect and trust required by the title of attorney”. Although the right to defense is a right that should be interpreted very broadly, a place requires avoiding attitudes and behaviors that would harm human dignity. In this context, as a lawyer, at the same time, as a deputy party participating in the case, of course, the defendant’s attorney’s statements have been very contradictory to the 34th article of the law on law since the beginning of the case. I personally felt uncomfortable. When evaluating the boundaries of the right to defend, the sentences to be spent on the dignity of a deceased person should be selected and used. I believe that the statements used in the defense strategy carried out are beyond the limits of the right to defense. ”

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Istanbul Bar Association President Mehmet Durak also made the following evaluations: “As a lawyer, I am of the opinion that such a defense is not true in terms of the ethical values ​​of the profession. Lawyer virtue must have honest conscience. It should not move away from these values ​​and take any action on behalf of defense. That the lawyer misses the client means that the values ​​related to the profession are not yet absorbed. For these reasons, we are confronted with a defensive reality that I do not find right. Defense can include a certain strategy. The words that can be said by staying within the boundaries of defense can sometimes exceed what is expected. However, all of this should not lead to getting away from the basic principles required by lawyer. As a result, since there is justice to be established, what is important for the lawyer is to help materialize the material reality. It is not a requirement of lawyers to get away from these realities by leaving aside ethical values. ”



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