“Breaking news: Husband of Former Doctor Suspected in Wife’s Murder in Zemst”

2023-05-18 17:42:00

The neighborhood is still reeling from the news. Barely time to cash the tragic death of one of their own that they are confronted with a much more sordid story. This Sunday, Betty was found dead in her villa in Zemst. The first elements then indicate that the 74-year-old woman fell down the stairs.

This Wednesday, however, the Hal-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office announced a completely different version of the story. “The prosecution was contacted by the local police on Sunday for a possible suspicious death in Zemst,” said Carol Vercarre, spokesperson for the prosecution. “A 74-year-old woman had died. The prosecution sent the laboratory and a medical examiner on site to investigate. The doctor having detected signs of a suspicious death, an autopsy was performed on Monday. This revealed that the woman would have died following an assault. »

A shocked neighborhood

And the horror does not stop there since it is Betty’s husband, a well-known former doctor, who has been placed under an arrest warrant and suspected of having killed his wife. “I am very shocked. Nothing ever happens here in this quiet neighborhood. I can’t believe the doctor killed his own wife,” a neighbor told our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws. All confide the same thing. “I can’t believe the doctor had anything to do with this. He’s such a calm man,” adds another neighbour.

The prosecution must now determine if the former doctor, now 73, is really guilty. “Betty was reportedly in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease,” some neighborhood rumors claim. “Perhaps the doctor was pessimistic about the future,” wonders a neighbor.

The couple’s son, who had two, must organize his mother’s funeral in these terrible circumstances but does not know, for the moment, much more. “My mom passed away, which is terribly difficult. I have tremendous sadness to deal with right now. This is the priority. I prefer not to say anything more about it, ”he explains.

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