Breaking news: Minister Soylu had instructed! ‘Corona virus’ operation in 25 provinces

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According to the information received by the AA reporter, the Police Department’s Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime teams carried out an application for those who turned the coronavirus-fighting process into an opportunity, by the instructions of Minister Soylu.

In Turkey, ASOC team in control of densification coordinated, organized 41 operations in 25 provinces last 10 days. 71 people were arrested on the grounds that they sold goods at exorbitant prices, endangered the health of the citizens and opposed the Industrial Property Law, 4 of them were arrested.

In operations, 285 thousand masks, 65 thousand boxes of disinfectants, 11 tons of chemicals, 750 bottles of cologne, 4 thousand 375 liters of ethyl alcohol and 340 liters of methyl alcohol were seized.



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